Amazing Swiss money

It’s not just secret bank accounts. If there’s a nation who cares about the design of its money, it’s Switzerland! I was just blown away by the results of the competition to design the new Swiss bank notes. Make sure you see the 3 winners.

[Via Slanted TypoBlog]

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3 Responses to “Amazing Swiss money”

  1. Abdelrahman Osama Says:

    They are nice, but aren’t those designs very crowded and colorful for money papers.

  2. David Says:

    “Blown away” seems like an appropriate description. While definitely creative, I appreciate them more as an art form than as a currency. Aside from some font styles and color schemes, it seems like a design free-for-all.

    Blood platelets on money? A human fetus or the circulatory system? A topographical map? An electrocardiogram? The human retina? A soccer ball? A finger print system? A bunch of odd nonsense machinery?

    It just doesn’t seem appropriate for money. However, it is exactly what I expect from Switzerland.

  3. Humeid Says:

    What is ‘approporiate’ for money? Who sets the rules for that anyway? I find this approach very interesting, distinctive and yes, provocative. Better than putting some old building or some dead people on the money like most countries do.

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