Free masons and muslim hajj pilgrims: we satisfy all tastes!

Translation of the Arabic ad: “Welcome your Hajj pilgrims with best Belgian chocolate. Specially made with the best flavours and fillings”

And they say email spam isn’t delightful! These two ads appeared in my inbox with only two weeks in between, from a Lebanese chocolate maker who really seeks to satisfy ALL tastes.

Don’t you just LOVE marketing.

Happy Eid, Brothers and Sisters ;-)

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4 Responses to “Free masons and muslim hajj pilgrims: we satisfy all tastes!”

  1. bilotee Says:

    As long as it is chocolate!

    Happy Eid.

  2. Yazan Malakha Says:

    Happy Eid to you, your family, syntaxers and tooters

  3. salam Says:

    Ahmad,do you suppose this is only ignorance?

  4. Ross Says:

    it must be just ignorance,
    but, the free masons are seriously the most evil organisation ever.
    they take a promise to satanic areas they only know when they get to the top 31st order.
    they pretend to be christian but definetly not.
    just thought i had better let people know..

    yes, I live in Amman, and not a freak


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