Steve Jobs, Buzz Lightyear, Mr Incredible and Nemo on the way to the Magic Kingdom?

Pixar movies and Steve Jobs

Well well. According to reports Disney will be making an offer of $7 Billion to buy Pixar. If this deal goes through, it will make none other than Steve Jobs, the biggest single shareholder in Disney. It will also bring John Lassater, the former Disney animator and the current creative chief of Pixar back to his former employer, where he will oversee the animation film division.

For Jobs this is yet another milestone. He bought Pixar from Lucas Film for 10 million $ 20 years ago and, with the unbelievably talented team that was there, created what probably is the most succesful animation company of all times. Whi1le all Pixar’s films were distributed and promoted through Disney, the two companies had a falling out during the last days of Michael Eisner at the helm of Disney.

With Iger as CEO of Disney, thing seem to have changed in a big way.

The effect of Jobs’ in Disney opens many possibilities. With one foot at Apple and another at Disney, the potential combination of content and technological innovation will be very interesting, to say the least.

See the readers of Slashdot discuss this story to death.. (in an interesting way , of course).

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  1. Flora Says:

    This has just happened recently, I hope they can still continue to produce good animation

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