Disregard for public safety at Mecca Mall

As you can guess, I am in my complaining mode these days. Monday night I went with a friend to Mecca mall. The place was packed and there was no parking space in the lots around the mall. So I drove to the back of the mall to park the car in the new car park building they added. The building is used despite it being unfinished (it look horrible on the inside). After we parked we wanted to enter the mall. The elevator is still not operation so we decided to use the stairs (still concret, no finishing). To my utter shock these stairs had no railings. I saw a family with kids considering to use these stairs!

Once inside the mall, the securit guard who checked us was telling people leaving the mall to the staircase to beware as there are no railings! What the heck I told him that the stairs are dangerous and that the mall management should not allow this. He told me that he told the management but.. “god help us”.

The unfinished building in itself is dangerous. But at least they could have, in a few hours, put up some temporary railings.

I really cannot understand the lack of concern for safety in a place as heavily trafficed as a mall. Is there any mechanism at the municipality to check for these things. How does a building get the “ithn al ishghal” (occupancy permit) when basic safety requirements are not met.

What kind of mall management would risk having an accident on its hand in a family oriented shopping project.


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5 Responses to “Disregard for public safety at Mecca Mall”

  1. Nas Says:

    actually what i hate about mecca mall (other than the inappropriate name) is how small it is in the sense that the ceilings are so low. the malls ive been to are spacious. whenever i went to mecca mall i felt like i was going to suffocate or something.

    anyways i think (or at least i hope) that you can call the city and they can fine them for building code violations.

  2. Killer Bee Bop Says:

    Appalled, and maa akthar maa yad3u lil Appalled state

  3. Nonono Says:

    Mecca Mall is Amman’s most famous place to hang out. NOKIA concept store will be opened soon. Center Point is working in full power and the Home Center is attracting lots of clients.

    So I do not see any problem for them to start working the extension prematurley.

  4. And Far Away » Blog Archive » At Mecca Mall… Says:

    [...] as I apparently wanted to “steal their design”. Seriously, dude, what design? Ahmad Humeid on these stairs. [...]

  5. Afaf Says:

    The usual system in Jordan of getting away with lots of things if you knew someone highly in a certain institute. I mean no changes will happen unless people ,honest ones, ask for them. seeing the differences in lifestyle between the US and Jordan makes me sick because we’re the smart people here improving foreign countries

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