Google plans R&D center in Israel

The two magic letter R and D. Hint, Hint, to the Jordanian IT industry :)

Haaretz – Israel News
DAVOS, Switzerland – Google “is in the process of establishing an R&D center in Israel,” Sergey Brin, a founder of the Internet search titan, told Haaretz during the World Economic Forum here. Brin and co-founder Larry Page were among the more visible participants at the economic conference. Both have a solid connection with Israeli entrepreneurs in the Internet field.

A Google executive told Haaretz that the company had recently recruited a large number of academics, engineers, mathematicians, statisticians and economists for additional development of the company’s search engine algorithm and its smart ad systems on the Net. There is still a shortage of quality personnel for developing analytic tools and predicting the massive volume of information accumulated on the search engine.

3 Responses to “Google plans R&D center in Israel”

  1. kinzi Says:

    Does this mean the work will actually be in Jordan but have “Made in Israel” tags on it? :)

  2. Janti Says:

    Israel has many advantages; less corruption, less bureaucracy, better governmental system, modern regulations, no one will ask for 1.5 million JD to gain your permission on something that is not of your business, that will be for YOUR country good!!...etc. Google decision makes sense… isn’t?

  3. Hamzeh Says:

    Ahmad, no offense to anyone in the Jordanian IT industry, but why are you addressing this to the IT sector? If google were to consider opening an R&D center in Jordan they wouldn’t be looking for people with IT or MIS degrees mostly, they would be looking for computer science and engineering majors. That’s the kind of expertise we desperately need in Jordan if we are to talk about R&D centers there.

    However, I am one of the people who share your dream, that Jordan would be to R&D in the region what the UAE is to IT consulting. But the two are different.

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