Ethan Zuckerman: a true global citizen’s view on the ‘cartoon war’

Ethan Zuckerman was in Qatar when this whole cartoon war broke out. He recounts his interactions with Arab editors and reporters at Al Jazeera that illustrates the challenges of seeing eye to eye on such issue. Here is one enlightened global citizen’s view on the matter:

searching for “danish cartoon” on Technorati reveals a wealth of hatred and ignorance from Western bloggers that’s extremely disappointing… though not as disappointing as the fact that peaceful boycotts and protests in the Middle East are now being overshadowed by senseless violence.

I’m not surprised that (most of the) bloggers I read in the Middle East are looking for solutions, not screaming in anger. Many people blogging the Middle East are explicitly trying to build bridges with the rest of the world and increase understanding around cultural, religious and language gaps – this situation is one to be overcome for these bridge bloggers.

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