Aqaba tourism website launched

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone’s Tourism Department has just announced the launch of Aqaba’s first comprehensive tourism website. The site was developed by Batelco.

During the tourism promotion session of the ‘Aqaba: turning vision into reality’ event, the tourism deparment also announced several advertisng campaigns to promote Aqaba’s tourism in the UK, Spain, Scadinavia as well as the local Jordanian market.

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2 Responses to “Aqaba tourism website launched”

  1. Batir Wardam Says:

    Very impressive design and colors, but again a complete focus on 5-star luxury facilities. My favourite place in Aqaba is not on the map which is the Ghandour beach public cafe. It is the most genuine representation of the Aqaba culture. has it been removed for another 5-stars hotel? I am certain this will happen one day.
    Moreover, the Aqaba public and tourists cannot access the beach now unless they pay 90 US $ per night. The only open access is the Aqaba Marine Park in the southern coast.

  2. rakan Says:

    The website is neat… but I wonder where are these huge projects taking Aqaba to… in my opinion, with the completion of the projects Aqaba will start to loose what is left of its local culture… Capitalism: who can say no?!

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