Aqaba doubles its fast food offerings, with a bang!

Fireworks at Aqaba's Ayla Park

While in Aqaba on Friday, I heard that the Ayla Park project would be opened that evening. I was there in time for the big fireworks and the loud Arabic pop music. The Ayla park is a retail development project that mainly features, at the moment, fast food outlets. So this is something geared toward local tourism (Ammanis want their fast food, foreigners look for more authentic options.

The place was full of Aqabawi families who where enjoying the spectacle. Lines were forming outside the newly opened Burger King, Popeye’s. Pizza Hut moved from its old location to the new premises. Other outlets there include Cinnabon, and PC Zone. An outdoor kids play area is also provided.

Other than that, Aqaba was quiet for the night. A cold breeze replaced the warmth of the day. At the Movenpick hotel, the Jordan Kuwait Bank was sponsoring the final activity of the Aqaba event: a dinner which I only witnessed the start of as I had to catch the plane back to Amman, concluding yet another business trip to Aqaba.. a quickly transforming place.

Here’s a short fireworks video clip (in QuickTime).

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3 Responses to “Aqaba doubles its fast food offerings, with a bang!”

  1. Nas Says:

    i wonder why one would need a PCZone in Aqaba? are their tourists who need to buy a mouse while on vacation?

  2. ohoud Says:

    Should we be proud?

  3. Humeid Says:

    Nas: Aqaba is not just a tourist city. Of course computer superstores are needed. And yes, even tourists (especially jordanian tourists) but computer equipmet.

    Ohoud: should we be proud? More diversity in restaurants is good. It’s not something to be ‘proud’ of. It’s just more choice which is good. It’s important that the global chains don’t overpower the city scene. This can be regulated. What we need is investor education, to enable them to think about original and creative ways to invest in Aqaba.

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