What do you think of the new JTV?

Have you watched JTV recently? I am interested to know what you think of it. The reason I’m asking is because I’m doing a bit of research on the matter for an upcoming article..

What do you think of the content.. And what about the new look. I’d really appreciate if you people out there could give me some opinions.

Thanks in advance :)

26 Responses to “What do you think of the new JTV?”

  1. Dar Says:

    In my opinion it was less than what i expected !

  2. manal Says:

    I do not watch Jordan TV because I don’t like it…so I don’t have nothing to tell u about the content, I’m just not interested in what they have, neither do they have elements to attract me, I was excited when I knew that they are going to have a new look and I thought it will be really good, because Jordan commercially has been improving really amazingly the several past years and what I have seen on TV wasn’t up to my expectations…

    I switch to JTV only when :
    1-there is snow falling because they play Fayrooz snow song and want to hear all about the snow news and everything about it :D
    2- when there are big events happening in the world like the late king Hussain funeral and the twin towers those are the only times that the whole family had gathered around JTV and when the disastrous bombings happened.(الله يرحمهم جميعاَ)
    3- for (athan el-maghrib) in ramadan.

    and about the logo’s I don’t know why are they always trying to squeeze the crown in it, at least don’t do it so obviously, whenever they come up with a new one I start to like the one before….as for the news reporters I read once that they are rated as the best news reporters comparing to the Arabic channels reporters and Sawsan Tufaha and many others is a prove.

    If I remember something else I’ll post it, but wouldn’t it be easier if you give out a form to fill, and I guess it will add something to know ones occupation, maybe country residence, age or a person status ( LOL kidding about the last one). But maybe this is not what you’re after, so just an opinion,

    Have a nice day.

  3. Humeid Says:

    Dar and manal.. thanks so much. this is great.. keep them coming people!

  4. Hamam Tahat Says:

    i dont watch tv from about three years but i think that the jordan tv is the most boring tv on this universe…. cause of the very old serieses and moveis that they keep streaming it day by day and hour by hour ….. not to forget the news program that keep introduce very old news too. and here i would like to tell u a very tragic story that happened with me, the night of 9-11 last year a very horrible day for all jordanians cause of the suicide bombings that happed in our beloved country, that night when i received the bad news i turned the tv on to the jordan tv to find nothing only a silly and stupid serialized but in the other side i found that most of the other channels are talking about the bombings, can u believe this our formal tv is playing a stupid serialized and jordan is facing the bombings… i wish one day i would find an explain on what was happing that night in the tv building maybe they were sleeping or drunk … forgive me if i made it very long but i think we got to a limit that we cant be in silence anymore…. by the way am studying outside jordan and i think whe i feel homesick of jordan i deserve a nice channel to turn on to find my five senses insde the heart of jordan, am not talking here about mission impossible for Tom cruise am talking about something ( badeheiiiiiiiiiiiiii) for all Jordanians …

  5. sam Says:

    It’s not fair to give my feedback about JTV as I don’t tune there much, In fact not at all, perhaps once a week for the news bulletin, and just for a change. Anyway I just wanted to say that I also didn’t like this crown logo thing. I think it belongs back in the 60s.

  6. bakka Says:

    Hello Ahmad, This is my first time reading your blong and commenting on it, i hope you find my feedback useful;

    Honestly i think its absolutelly terrible, it is not worth watching at all, i am talking most importantly about the morning period, where a person is suppose to sit back drink his morning coffee and watch some good tv, but imagine that from 6 am to 9 am all they show is silly childrens cartoons, i mean, i’m not against cartoons but don’t turn JTV into another spacetoon, one hour is enough, it seems after the death of director victoria omaish they cancelled the morning show which is a terrible move, i really looked forward to that show, or maybe they just don’t show it on saturdays? i’m not sure.

    Another very important thing is the absence of the good tv hosts, it is not only the tv show that draws the person to watch a certain tv channel but also a good host, a good host can make all the difference in the world, and by good i mean good in profession and good in looks, both are essential, like Miss Marwa Khamees, i miss her and i miss her show, where did she go? i’m not saying all of our females tv hosts are bad, but to be honest they’re not pretty, i mean sure experience is necessary but good looks is also a good factor, i mean, seriously arn’t there any good looking females in Jordan? or maybe it is a qualification for the JTV that a female must not be good looking to work in TV? i’m not sayhing we don’t have ANY good looking women on tv at all, there are maybe 1 or 2 at the most, but thats defenitely not enough, just look at our neighbouring TV’s like Lebanon Syria and Egypt, you can’t even count how many good looking effecient female TV hosts they have, they are so much its rediculous!

    Seriously, amongst the flood of TV Channels on Satellite, Jordan TV has no chance at all, it is not the bit competitive and does not draw the watcher at all, it has nothing, its programs are less than moderate

  7. Isam Bayazidi Says:

    Well, I am not a close follower to JTV as well, but here’s my feedback anyway:

    – The new look, although not very attractive, could be considered a little better.. it is like having a small face-lift.
    – They are definitely trying to do better, probably lack of resources is their main problem, allocating a total of 18k for the JTV face-life tells it. It is barely enough for decoration, Graphic work for the TV, graphic work for the Site and other material, for really introducing equipment that is needed.
    – Comparing with nearby TV ground stations (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt) I always admired the picture/sound quality of outside reports or recordings. I am not sure for some reason everything recorded outside in Syria TV have a completely wrong white-balance. and Studio recording is not that much better for TL (Leb). So JTV is definitely better than many Gov TVs in the region
    – I don’t think they really lack expertise when it comes to TV as an industry (Look over Satelite stations, and see how many of those are familiar faces from JTV) but they lack the final touch, and care for details that makes all the difference.
    – One last thing, JTV is considered a Gov TV not a state TV. Although there are many shows that could make you think otherwise (They have a Al-Bath-Almobasher-like TV program, people calling and complaining about problems, mostly gov-related, and there are the political talk shows, specially the one for Samih Ma3aytah, that I find to be daring and open mostly).

    That’s all from me :)

  8. Lina Says:

    Well, personally I think that there are a bunch of good new things… I’m not a TV person and I barely watch half an hour per week, at most; which is the RFC’s “mish Sa7eb Aflam” these days… now I think that’s a valuable addition to JTV, although the credit is not really theirs.

    I also know a lot of people who like Dr Najwa’s Talk Show.

    That’s all I’m entitled to say because like I said, I don’t really watch. But I might come back with more, because a bunch of my friends have been working with the King Abdullah fund for Development on a Youth TV program that started airing, I think…

  9. Amer Says:

    I see the new look 4 jrtv, they improve some programmes but other programes still same, maybe ys3ed saba7ak and yawm jaded and 7ewarat dr. najwa they imrove them, but other programes still same,,,, gerneraly 25% changing happen in jrtv new look :S


  10. Humeid Says:

    Hammam, Sam, bakka, Isam, Lina, Amer:

    Excellent input everyone. This is really great and I am waiting for more input from other readers.

    I watched the short film feature, ‘Mish Sa7eb Aflam’ last saturday and I think it was really good. Good format, good presenter, good content.

    Keep the comment coming..

  11. salam Says:

    Ahmad,I heard so much about the new changes happening there and was really optimistic,hoping taht eventually we can compete with the ever-so-popular Future,Mbc,Lbc stations.I was very disappointed to say the least.The new look is far from creative.The new logo is what someone described in JP a bad facelift (can’t remeber who though?!)the new programs did not attarct me at all,other than “Mish sa7eb aflam”,they have old bedouin series that hve been urisen from the dead(maybe they are popular with the arab audience,but come on get some new ones ).There is nothing to make any one really addicted to it.We watch part of the daily news,parts of yes3ed saba7ak,which i would love to watch whole but keep being turned off by all those phone calls from people who want to greet thier families..come on!everyone has a phone nowadays,call them in private,we don’t need to share your emotions.I sincerly wish that one day,Jtv would be our favorite channel,but who are we kidding?we are soo far from.Although,there are so many excellent jordanian productions that we watch on othe televisions.Did you ever notice that Ahamd?
    Jazeera children has beautiful documenatries that a great part of them were translated and produced by jordanians.A lot of good childrens tv is being produced and somehow we are not seeing on Jtv.One of these is the sesame street workshop,the new series i think funded by USAID.It is so interesting and yet I never seem to find it on.I also watched a small part of a program called Dr. Njwa somehing and it’s a nice program but somehow needs the polishing and shining that other stations give to their programs to make it more appealing!I am just saying these things off the top of my head and I might come back for more!
    i would liek to read your review when you are done with it!

  12. salam Says:

    oh ,and one more thing,it wouldn’t really overtip their budget if they hire a stylist for the anchors!really,some of them look like they hybernated since the eighties!this is very important in the tv business.I don’t want the ladies to go on screen half naked,but I do feel they need to be more stylish to make people want to watch,the gentlemen too.They don’t need to look like their grandmother knitted their cardigans for them.And even the news anchors,sometimes they look like they are dancers in a cheap night club with long long dark black hair that doesn’t look too healthy and eyelines that go back to thier hairlines.sorry to be this sarcastic,but ,that’s how I feel!

  13. nasimjo Says:

    progressively grown I can say, depending on local talents and production companies is the right way! I’m liking the change, but the should not stop here!

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  15. Hani Says:

    Well, I started to write my opinion and couldn’t stop until I filled around two A4 pages
    I couldn’t summarize my opinion since I wanted to talk about this for quite a while, and there are many points to be discussed when talking about JTV.

    To avoid a long comment, I posted the first part of my opinion into my blog, hoping you won’t mind :) but it is only a one opinion, not a research; good luck.

    You cant find my opinion here: http://www.al-ordon.com/blog/?p=56

  16. Nader Says:

    JTV must include web 2.0 concepts in their design :D

  17. Wael Says:

    Well I had my input before in my blog but guys you should see “Ya7doth Al yoom” show; its really interesting to see the two presenters fighting over who will end the show on air.. or seeing them fighting on a question or on a piece of paper :)

  18. Hamam Tahat Says:

    hi , i wrote a comment before but i would like to add something about what was in the JTV before the new look and still in the JTV. when i watch JTV i feel as if there is some darkness in the whole view not like the brightness i can see on other tv channels maybe of the bad lights in the studios or the old cameras they are using – i dont know the reason of that exactly, but i wish someone expert in the TV stuff could tell me the causes – another thing, like the stupid phone calls from silly people out there dedicating a song to there families or just saying hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii as if its the first time to be in a live show !! ok not to forget what the hosts most of the time keep telling these people ( momken 2twati sout al telfizyon shway ) which means could turn the sound of the TV down please?!! how many years do we need to stop this phenomena in the JTV ? – Ahmad in ur research about the JTV i recommend u to study a very dangerous phenomena in the JTV which is the IMMIGRATION of the minds – like the hosts, directors and others that we didn’t hear about them which i consider them a talented people ! – from the JTV to other TV channels like aljasera, alarabiya, mbc , Art…...etc , why? is it the money factor or the high pressure that they face it from their bosses… – ok this what i can remeber of the JTV, if i remembered anything i will add asap…..
    good luck in ur research

  19. Ahmad Says:

    Nothing interesting…[edited]

  20. Amal Ayyash Says:

    I dont watch JTV except to see some of the advertisements people keep talking about, when lately i did switch to JTV, i foud out that they changed their logo, to an ugly looking one! i think the reason is that i have a lot of other options to watch. Something else about the quality of production, as a designer, I hate to see poorly produced programs no matter how good they are… the yes3ed saba7ak show on friday mornings used to look cozy, then they changed their decorations to look more industrial and irritating, UGH! I envy the nerves they have at JTV!

  21. n@simjo » JRTV giving opportunities for Creativity ;) FINALLY!... Says Says:

    >> ... Finally, JTV IS DOING IT! Finally they figured out that Creativity comes from web 2.0 concept >>

  22. Kickers Says:

    I don’t have access to JTV, but I am able to see the new logo design through their website. I like it a lot in comparison to the alternatives that come to mind.

    I’m thinking of Syria’s logo where the “a” doubles as the last letter of Syria in English and “Sooriah” in Arabic. I’m thinking of Al-Jazeera’s which is hardly identifiable to those who can’t read Arabic. I’m thing of MBC’s- too straightforward, not creative. Some TV logos are too busy- if I recall correctly, JTV once had a logo with all the colors of the national flag.

    The crown is easy on the eyes- one color, no lines, futuristic in design. While it directly points out the form of government in Jordan (monarchy), it also directs attention to the supposed quality produced by the station. It holds an air of dignity and of pride. I cannot think of a more elegant sign to represent Jordan’s national TV station. A flag would be too busy. The black iris would be odd-shaped (long and thin) and in the many years I’ve lived in Jordan, I’ve never actually seen one so it doesn’t represent Jordan to me. The Khazneh is just one part of Jordan. Jameed would be too ambiguous as a logo. “JTV” would be too boring.

    Futuristic crown is the way to go.

  23. Nader Idkeidek Says:

    JTV ? well all said above and one more tiny thing. JTV should be totaly closed, emplyees compnesated. And starting to invest in private channels.

    I know couple of guys working in tchnical aspects, they are perfect, the problem is that the paking is awful. They should stop imitating Lebanon, they should stop praising the perfect Gov.,Parliment, Police, etc. And start going to the streets talk to people. We lack seeing our Jordanian fellow citizens.

    I watch Future, LBC, NTV why ? Guess why.

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  25. Mays Alqasem Says:

    Some are really good….
    If you watch Yis3ed Sabahak Nowadayas you will see what I mean…
    People like the show and the presenter a lot.. And even youths are watching it now… At least they are trying to bring fresh blood ang good one… The host’s name ia Rana Sultan by the way…She is bright , intellectual, and guess what??? beautiful.
    The other one is Najwa Aref, the program is very informative and she is specialized in the field she talks about… she does not have to be a beauty queen yo live up to our standards!! But she is cute…

    Some are good and yes some are bad.. maybe they need us to believe in them while they are here before they become stars abroad… And I said some of them again….

  26. Sanaa Matalqa Boreggiani Says:

    i like so much to watch jtv Alurdunia especially yes3ed saba7ak,because i live in italy and i like to hear the news abt my country,but i prefer Ys3ed saba7ak when Rana Sultan used to present it,i really miss her,she’s very good nice humble and kindhearted.She’s gorgeous..i miss u rana…By tha way Rana i’m a cousin of Amin Matalqa the one that directed Captain Abu Raed and u acted in it,but unfortunately i haven’t seen the film yet because i live in Italy,and still there is no dvd of it…best regards to Rana Sultan..and any way i wish success for the one who came after…

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