Dumb US Senators and dumber bloggers

If you have been following business news lately you surely have heard about Dubai-based Dubai Ports taking over global port giant P&O. Pretty impressive stuff for Dubai.

The US Congress is not happy about the deal and some senators are trying to stir up a scare about an Arab company ‘running’ some US ports.

Guess who’s one of those senators: Hillary Clinton!

Interesting fact: US President Bush is actually FOR the deal. He said he will veto any congress decision to block the deal.

Some US ports are starting to take legal action against the deal. Dubai Ports is wisely delaying the takeover of the US ports to allow for more explanation of the deal in the US.

Reason magazine is running an article supporting the deal and exposing the bogus position of the senators and some other scare stirring bloggers.

Reason: Dubai or Not Dubai: How a bogus security panic is alienating an ally and endangering our country

So, in the end, what we are telling Arab moderates in no uncertain terms is that it doesn’t matter what they do; what matters is what they are. After all our posturing about the hypocrisy of Arab and Muslim moderates who haven’t stood up to Middle East extremists, it turns out our only reward for the people who do take a stand is a mix of distrust and contempt. The Dubai Ports World controversy is a perfect example of such a reward. And that, in the end, will most likely end up costing us more lives.

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4 Responses to “Dumb US Senators and dumber bloggers”

  1. mozzy Says:

    Well acutally these ports are not even controlled by US companies. They are currently contolled by a British company ;)

    This is the reason Bush won’t stop this deal because it would be a pretty bad message to th allies of the US.

  2. Kickers Says:

    Here’s an interesting analysis from the Gaurdian:


    My favorite bit:

    “So why is the fearmonger-in-chief being so casual about this Dubai business?

    “Because at some level of consciousness even George Bush knows the inflated fears are bogus. So do a lot of the politicians merrily throwing spears at him.

    “He taught them how to play this game, invented the tactics and reorganised political competition as a demagogic dance of hysterical absurdities, endless opportunities to waste public money. Very few dare to challenge the mindset. Thousands have died for it.”

  3. OmAr Says:

    I understood that the contract with the Emirate company doesn’t include any security matter, the company is responsible for technical issues only, also as said before, most of the US ports are controlled by non-american companies, so what’s the deal??

    Senators, including Mrs.Clinton, who fight the contract are very well known to be Zionists to the bottom of their hearts, so it is very unshocking to hear the debates…

  4. Patrick Says:

    Mrs. Clinton is using the issue to attach Bush because that is a way of becoming popular with Democrats to be nominated for President. It is not because she is stupid or because this benifits Zionists is some way. It is her nature to support popular things even if it hurts innocent people or hurts the country. Bush on the other hand, whether he makes good or bad decisions, does so because he thinks it is the right thing to do in fairness and in the best interests of his country.

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