Amman’s Apple ‘Store’.. or shall I say ‘center’ will open Sunday

Apple Center Amman

So here it is! The long rumored Amman Apple store. Well, actually it is really an Apple Center. Real Apple Stores (those run directly by Apple) only exist, at the time of this writing, in the US, Canada, Japan and the UK. But what the heck. This is great. I literally stumbeld upon the new store, called iSystem, in Sweifieh this evening. It is located in the building tha houses the Guy Laroche store. It’s a good location, but I was bit disappointed to see that it was below the street level. I got a peek inside today and was told that the store will be opened this Thursday. The store, still devoid of products, looks good, mimicking to great extent the look of US Apple Stores: white walls. Lots of light. Simple lines and bulky wooden tables.

This is great for the Apple brand in Jordan. Finally people will be able to get their hands on the machines and appreciate them in a nice retail environment. Needless to say, people will go there interested in iPods, but I think it is great for Apple user like me to be able to point others to a location where they can experience the Apple brand.

Now, all of that aside, there are conditions for this store to work:

1. Don’t have know-nothing salespeople there. This would be such a killer. Having good sales and support people will be a real challenge.
2. Always have the latest stuff on display. If I go there on Thursday and I don’t find the Intel iMac and the MacBook Pro, I’ll be disappointed.
3. Always have stuff in stock. Have people walk out of the store with a Mac Mini, not with a promise of delivery after 14 days.
4. Don’t overprice.

My understandiong is that the owners of the store are Modern Systems, long tiime Jordanian Apple resellers.

See you there Sunday :)

CORRECTED: Store will open Sunday not Thursday.

23 Responses to “Amman’s Apple ‘Store’.. or shall I say ‘center’ will open Sunday”

  1. bilotee Says:


  2. Karim Says:

    This is great news for keen and eager Mac users like Ahmad. Congratulations!

  3. salam Says:

    Hey,I am not an apple fanatic,but I designed that building.It is actually owned by the same poeple who own Modern Systems.Their offices are somewhere upstairs.

  4. ifoAppleStore » Amman Apple Centre Opens This Week Says:

    [...]”> February 28, 2006 Thanks to Ahmad for the info that an Apple Centre opens this Sunday in Amman (Jordan), with all the usual Apple store desig [...]

  5. ahmad Says:

    checked out the store… wus a bit of a disappointment, the mac mini’s they had were the old ones, not even the upgraded versions before apple’s intel based mini’s…
    iMac’s not intel based… and i can understand the high price on the ipod’s for the taxes and customs and stuff , (60 GB retails at 450 jds), but why such a high price for the iMac’s, arent computers off customs?
    i only hope they have a decent support center for ipod’s and stuff (battery replacement and the sort)... still its great to finally see an apple store in amman…

    ** i went before the launch, so its possible they’ll ship new products soon, although i doubt it, the store seemed ready…

  6. moe Says:

    they suck also, couldn’t fix my ipod

  7. Fab Says:

    This is great news but does anyone have a telephone number or an address to get infos from them. I’m in Damascus and desperatly want to buy a powerbook but don’t want to go there not to find it or find it too expensive.

  8. Omar Al-Ebbini Says:

    Hi i need price for MacBook Pro 15”/2.0GHz/512MB Ram/128MB VGA Card

  9. Dina Says:

    Hey everyone,
    my name is dina and i am a salesperson at iSystem-Apple Center in Amman-Jordan…
    There Were lots of Comments and opinions some are good and others were’nt bad..but u can’t know the truth except after having a visit to the center right?
    anyway if u were wondering about the address and telephone number i can help u out..
    iSystem-Apple Center
    Sweifieh-Fountain Plaza

  10. sivz Says:

    id probably rather just dealing with the company , heck if you dont have a credit card , go get one of those rechargeable ones , then order them off, and im guessing youll have it in a week or so , more powerfull, cheaper or same price of the old systems they have here

  11. Cisco Says:

    I like searched all over the Internet for iSystem’s website and i found nothing, then i tried searching for the Modern Systems website and again i found nothing. This should be an embarrassment for them not to have a running website, or at least a page that says under construction.

  12. ummSanaa :: a journey – the macbook is back! Says:

    [...] my mac’s screen just went dark one day. after going through mac support with no success we found out about iSystems via a web search ( cause there is no official apple store/support in jordan. dubai, UAE is the closest place. in sweifieh (amman) in the guy laroche building near the old lebnani snack. [...]

  13. anwar Says:

    please shabab i need website ta3 apple store in amman (iSystem)

  14. Haitham Says:

    guys does any body noe wer i can fix my ipod in amman
    cant live without it

  15. NIDAL Says:

    are you still having problems with your Ipod? If yes Please till me what is the problem. I might be able to help you.


  16. Ayman Says:

    hey guys,
    anyone knows how much the “Ipod Touch 8GB” costs there plz ?

  17. Sam Says:

    You Know ,
    Some Of you’all are ungreatfullllll kids , if you dont like it stop bitching abt it , or should i say you guys got nothing to do excp. bitching all arrrrround .

    Get Over it , move on y’all
    its a nice place , give the people some cridt. for god sack

  18. joud hasweh Says:

    how does the ipod touch costs ??

  19. Kim Says:

    Dear All,

    I’m an experienced Apple support engineer and I can get you got prices and support for nearly all Apple products.
    If you need any help contact me

  20. fadi Says:

    i think that all apple products is bad , it is not a friendly user if you need any support or help the web site is not easy to access or to search, not like any other products such as toshiba or HP products, i am really frustrated and looking forward not to repeat my experience

  21. ragheb Says:

    Hello every one I have question how much cost to fix iphone 4g in amman or iphone 3gs or iode 4g 3g or 2g touch please the price and how much is iphone 4s in amman right now

  22. Ahmed Sidahmed Says:

    I am a visitor to Amman from Rome. I purchase a new MacBook Pro 15 inch about 10 days ago and ,while on a short visit here in Amman installed Windows 7 on a 50% 50% partitioned hard drive using boot camp. Now I cant see the apple part which also include everything I need, internet, skype, cloud, etc. I am very stressed as I have a very limited time and must do lots of work with my laptop. please let me know where to find an apple store in Amman if not online help

  23. Ayah Hasan Says:

    hey guys, is anyone looking to buy an ipod touch 4 8gb? im selling it, it’s used but not bad. i’ve had it for less than a year and just minor scratches on the back. let me know, email me

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