Paradise Now: The Academy site says “Palestine”!

Best foreign film

Ok.. so the film lost. And aparently they said it comes from “the Palestinian Teretorries”. But on the Oscars website it says “Palestine”. Interesting.

I have not seen the film yet. Does anyone know when it will come out in Jordan?

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7 Responses to “Paradise Now: The Academy site says “Palestine”!”

  1. laith Says:

    should be comming out soon ahmad. asked the producer the other day and he said that the rights have been sold since dec.

  2. Isam Bayazidi Says:

    I tried to wait for it to come to Cinema, but there was no indication that it will ever come.. so I bought it on DVD for 1 JD from a DVD Basta :) it was less than acceptable picture quality.. But I liked the movie.. Interested in such DVD ?

  3. moe Says:

    check the post at my blog.. pathetic!

  4. Roba Says:

    Laith, really? My brothers have called several cinemas here and they all said that the movie was not allowed to play..

  5. Omar K. Hasanat Says:

    If anybody cares to download the movie you can find it at this link:

    You’ll notice it’s a forum but you don’t have to register in order to download (Until they changed things there without me knowing)

    Watch it and maybe we’ll talk about it!

  6. Omar K. Hasanat Says:

    Sorry for the mistake in typing. I meant to say “Unless” not “Until”!

    Sorry again!

  7. M Says:

    this is one of my favorite movies in the world i loved it.

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