Jordan Post: We’re recording this call while we insult your intelligence

Jordan Post

A colleague at the office just got off the phone with a rude Jordan Post employee. My colleague committed the sin of calling them to ask for shipping prices. “Do you think I have time to give prices over the phone? I have work to do, you know!” the employee exclaimed. “If you want to know prices.. you come personally to us!”

Eventually my colleague talked the employee into giving her the prices.

An guess what? (I could not believe this part). The answering system at Jordan Post tells you that “this call is being recording for quality assurance purposes” before transferring you to such an employee.

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6 Responses to “Jordan Post: We’re recording this call while we insult your intelligence”

  1. bakkouz Says:

    Yes, i guess we at jordan and indeed perhaps in the arab world have not yet come to grasp fully the importance and value of customer care, i don’t know if people who tend to such jobs in our public establishments are trained in courses of customer care and dealing with clients but they should be, if they’re not. however, i’m sure it was a single incident and do not apply to ever establishment and is not a general rule in Jordan, i Myself have recentely installed a new phone line at my place and i must say the level of customer care was excellent at Jordan Telecom, perhaps their standards are higher and if so i beleive they can lead by example and in the future we will achive the same level of professionalis that the western world has, the same professionalis that knows truely the value of customer satisfaction.

  2. n Says:

    pay that postal worker what they need to live a decent life, and see the improvement in their attitude! everyone in jordan is underpaid and unhappy!

  3. Ahmad Says:

    i agree with n


    Jordan Telecome people changed their behavior recently cause there is a compititor on the way… Batelco.

    I was amazed when the emplyee at JTC told me: How are you, I hope you fine, How can I help you I was like… :O

    I was expecting his to say: aa sho beddak ya a5i? lol

    However, let’s hope that they will improve in the future…

  4. yahya Says:

    O O O O my god.. I cant belive that there will a competion in jordan for people to choose.. its always been you take the way it is , or leave it.. Jordan telecom ripped my family and still do with charges only ALLaH knows where it came from or what it is.. Never think that your bill will be what you think… soon there will be other WATER COMPANIES and my be Other electric-supplyers after all how can we live on 2 days of water delivery and on and off power… thank you all.

  5. Isam Says:

    First of all I love Jordan. My following statement is not biased, and I say it out of my own experience, and I will provide a SOLID proof of my statement:

    Jordanian Postal Service is among the worst in the whole entire world.
    It is so corrupted to the point that is beyond description.

    Mail sent from the U.S. is lost most of the time. Actually, more than 50% of all mail is lost, stolen or just disappears into thin air (if not registered.)

    It is so disappointing, especially in our world or electronic services and e-commerce.

    You have two choices to send packages to Jordan. You either have to use a very expensive parcel service like FedEX, DHL, or UPS, or you can send it with a person traveling to Jordan to deliver it by hand.

    Other than that, you can kiss your package good-bye by sending it in the regular mail (whether it is airmail, surface mail or even priority mail.) I have used all of them.

    Now to the solid proof of my statement:
    Here is how you can verify my statement beyond doubt:

    1. goto: (United States Postal Service WEB site)

    2. Press on the option at the top (Calculate Postage)

    3. Choose the second option (Calculate International Postage)

    4. From (Select a Destination) drop-down menu choose (Jordan)

    5. Choose the type of parcel as (Package) and a weight of 1-lb which is the default option, and press (Continue)

    6. Now you have three basic postal services to send your package:
    Express Mail
    Priority Mail
    and First-Class mail

    Choose any one of those options.

    7. Press (Add Extra Services)

    Now you have the options of (Certificate of Mailing) and Pickup on Demand. These options are local to the US postal services. i.e, you have the option to order the mail man to pickup your package from your house and you can order the certificate of mailing that you actually sent the package.

    Please note that there are no INSURANCE option. Because Insurance to Jordan is not offered.

    Now, go back to step No. 4, and chose any other country, weather Arab or European. Now, you will see the (Insurance) option actaully being offered with most of the postal services.

    Yes, there are some countries where the insurance is not offered for First-Class and/or Priority, and is offered only for Express Mail, like Saudi Arabia and Syria.

    Check Lebanon, Tunisia, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zaire, Yemen, Uganda, Salvador, South Africa, etc. You WILL be amazed how retarded is the Jordanian postal system. You will notice that some southern African countries will even offer return receipts (package delivered.)

    To tell the whole story, actually insurance is not offered with postal services only to (Jordan, Libya, Iran, Gambia, Venezuela, and some other countries) Where either the country is full of corruption or that the U.S. has no or weak ties with that country. Jordan on the other hand has very strong ties and support from the U.S.

    A word of truth must be said, and I do hope that the corruption in the Jordanian postal services will be fixed. I have seen how rotten employees in Jordan deal with the mail system and how they handle people’s mail. Not many of them and the majority is honest and trustworthy, but those few corrupted people definitely are able to corrupt the whole system.

    It is not enough to have laws, rules and set ways and methods of work. There has to be an inspection system like the one in the US. A system with no mercy to the corrupted.

    You know what scared the mail employees in the U.S. Postal system?


    Advice: If you ever have any problem with any employee, postal man, staff, etc., in the U.S. Postal system, just mention the inspector and you WILL cause them to shiver and at their sleep they will have nightmares. There is nothing that scared them than the word (Mail Inspector) It is a service with free 800- numbers to call and complain about anything in the Postal System. I have used this service to complain against some mail employees with attitude or when they did not handle the mail in a proper way, and I’ve seen results almost immediately.

    One mail-woman, used to throw the packages out of her car window, to finish her route and go home early. I got some packages damaged, because of her. I called the inspectors office, and she disappeared. I have never saw her ever since.

    Thank you

  6. Eyad Says:

    Trust-safty-speed, written on the receipt after you pay your money.
    my story with Jordan post has 2 parts , one old and another recent,
    I will start by the recent one when I applied for a privte PO box in Erbed. after filling the application (where you write your email and phone number in it) and paying the fees the employer gave me the key for the lock of the box which was allocated for me and informed me it takes about 3 days to change the lock already on the box for my new one , I told him Im expecting very important papers, so tell me the worst case scenario about the date I can access my box so I can send my mail address, he said ‘’after 5 days as we have only one employer to change the locks and he is busy write now’’ . I told him that is ok, I went to check my box for the ist time after 7 days , but the key didnt open the lock, I felt bad but I thought iI will come back in another day and I did after 12 days from my application and again the key didnt open and I can see through the holes of the box there is letters inside ,I became frustrated nut I have notthing to do, I got cought in my work for another one week and went back to the box after 19 days of my application and guess what? the key didnt open the box. and as everytime I went to the post office (wich is located in the centre of the city and it is realy a strugle to reach their) after I finnish my work , they was no employers to discuss the problem with except for the last time when I reached thier at 2 pm and I found one employer and told him about my problem , he said he is not responsible for the po box and I need to come in another time to discuss this with the mannager who is responsible for the boxes. this was again frustrating , but again nothing to do at that time. I went back to my precious box again after 24 days of my application and no change and found again another employer who told me again this is not his job and I need to come to the mannager before 1:30 pm as he finneshes his work at this time, and I talked here to bive me the phone number of the mannager so i can call him next day and I did, he told me their was something wrong with the lock we gave you the key for and we have to put another one so I need to go to him to sort out this problem, and as i was very frustrated I said to him in a sarcastic way: you have my phone number and my email address, why didnt you contact me earlier? or why didnt you leave me a note on my box door? he said now what do you want from me what can i do for you ‘’ sho baddak menni, sho baddi a’mmalak’‘. during this time I tried several times to call the phone number for the complaints they write on receipt which is 4203080 but no one answered, I called the switch board at the Jordan post office and asked them to direct me to the complaints division and an employer answered me and I tald here I want to report a complaint and i told here the story, she took my phone number and told me to contact here on the extension 113 and I have been doing that for the last 2 days but no one to answer. now it is it is 27 days after my application, I have a key for a post office box that doesnt open with my letters inside it and I cannot access
    my old story with the mail is not getting my letters especially the ones wher the address is not written in arabic, this is from institutions in uk, usa and france where they had to mail me several copies till one of them finally can make it

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