Ever wondered what the voice of an olive sounded like?


Oh tribes of the Arabian Levant! listen to the Voice of the Olive! Thus spoke Olivoice. Oli-what? Yes you heard it right. Olivoice is the latest brand that SYNTAX has been helping create for an exciting new venture that promises to deliver a full-featured, internet-powered service to Arab communities around the world and cater to their communication needs. Far from being ‘just another VoIP’ service, Olivoice strives to create a service that is focused on Arab families’ and communities’ sense of connectedness and their warm relationship with their roots in the ‘land of the Olives’.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a beta tester of the service. I can tell you one thing. My father-in-law who has lived in Germany for over 40 years but who visits Amman several times a year, is already hooked! Although we’ve been using Skype at home to keep in touch with friends and relatives around the world, picking up a real phone and talk for a long time while paying almost nothing is one heck of an experience.

Olivoice is launching soon. Its website is offering a 25% discount on setup and first month fees to people who pre-register for the service. I say its worth checking out..

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