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This place, Shawerma Reem, is just an unbelievable phenomena. In fact, I think it is one of the key places in Jordan you need to visit if you come to Amman.

Just one product (ok, so they also sell kubbeh). Mass customization (with/without tomato, onions, etc). Total focus. HUGE shawerma cylinder.

Is the location, near 2nd circle great? Hardly. People come with their cars and park despite the no parking sign.

I only know one person (hello Yazan!) who hates their food. Most people love it. I used to live between 2nd and 3rd circle from 1995 to 1998 so I feel somewhat connected to that neighborhood. Bute even before that my gang of weird friends and I used to like to stop at Reem.

The founder of the place passed away. He grimly looks at the customers from a picture frame today. But the place is packed as ever.

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12 Responses to “Shawerma lunch”

  1. Khaled Hassounah Says:

    In January, I visited Jordan after six years of living in the US. One of the things I insisted on doing, was to go to Reem and have a shawerma there.

    At first I thought, that they probably don’t have the best shawerma, but that it was the sweet memories of my father taking me for a treat to Reem and ordering the special shawerma which had more meat than usual. I thought that it was the amplification of nostalgia that actually made Jordanians crave Reem and not that it had the best shawerma.

    But when I had that shawerma, I realized that that wasn’t really the case. The shawerma was GOOD, and best of all it tasted exactly the same way after all those years (or should I say decades).

    I think that is the key. Do one thing, do it very well, and keep doing it well. A long-term-business mentality that you rarely find in Jordan. If I was handing out a business award, Reem would definitely be a serious candidate.


  2. hareega Says:

    El jesem el Saleem ma3 Shawerma Reem

  3. ohoud Says:

    Shawerma reem is one of the landmarks of Amman:p

  4. Basem Says:

    We have a flaring tendency for cult-like following over specific food outlets! Which I probably will capitalize upon at one point

    Reem is no different from Hashim downtown or any other place of such genera; part of the “experience” is the location & the setup of the place along with other characterizing factors; in this case, the ridiculously sized shawerma skewer & the customization tolerance, besides: what fun would it be if you were to find a legit parking spot nearby every time one fancy a Reem shawerma!

    Otherwise –a Reem fun spoiler- a friend of mine once said that –despite the good taste- it feels like as if one is munching on a live sheep when having a Reem shawerma with its notable strong mutton aroma!

  5. Roba Says:

    LOL, your post is making me feel like Reem :)

  6. M2K Says:

    Wa have the same phenomena in Tunisia. But infortunly, seldom you find people doing this Tail across a library or somthing cultural.

  7. nasimjo Says:

    Abu Samer Roxxxxx ;)

  8. hamede Says:

    Goodee at 2am.

  9. wedad Says:

    I used to like shawerma reem but now i cant even smell it.. its not good anymore like before ;(

  10. Batir Wardam Says:

    I think I should be able to see you there one time. each time I go to Jabal Amman I cannot leave without a Reem Shawerma or falafel from Al Quds restaurant in the Rainbow street. I am addicted to Shawerma anywhere and everywhere, I had it in Germany, Holland, Italy and Tunisia but the best remains to be Al Reem. If it was not 1:00 a.m now I would have put the switch on and drove to Jabal Amman!

  11. Ra'ed Says:

    Living all my life next to shawerma reem tends to make you have a love and hate relationship , however I have been away from Jordan for the past few years and reading the article above with all the comments made me almost want to pick up and go back to Amman ….go back home … all the people still living in Amman enjoy every singly moment as it is the most beautiful place in the world …beleive me

  12. bawana Says:

    but they use frozen indian beef and they tell the people that its fresh beef

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