Kuwait: The Towers

Kuwait towers

Couldn’t pass by them without taking a photo, even through the only cam I have is the one on my Nokia 6600! These towers are really something. They are more impressive than I imagined.

Here’s some info on the towers.

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4 Responses to “Kuwait: The Towers”

  1. wedad Says:

    amazing shot :) thnx
    they are great
    you have a good mobie:)

  2. Toujan Says:

    Why are you in Kuwait?

  3. palforce Says:


    If you are still in Kuwait, check this restaurant out, it loks cheap but has the best fa6ayer ever. Check out Don’s Blog:


    P.S: I tell you about all those restaurants because I’m homesick and i can not go there at the moment so might as well somebody else do :-)


  4. moey Says:

    there’s a restaurant in the 2nd tower, try it! open buffet for 7KD, but totally worth the food and the view.

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