Bethlehem: from Golden Threads to Cement Blocks


These are snapshots from the booklet Bethlehem: from Golden Threads to Cement Blocks recently designed by my partner at SYNTAX Salua Qidan for Mrs Widad Kawar, the renowned collector of Arab heritage. The booklet weaves together the threads of history, heritage and the current depressing reality in a compact package.

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Widad Kawar is internationally known for her work to research, collect and preserve traditional Arab handwork. She with affection and passion has sought to encourage a cultural understanding of the Arab ethnic identity and to preserve its rich heritage with her documented collection.

Widad has collected folkart for the last 45 years beginning with articles from Palestine and then also from Jordan. She has amassed an extensive collection to preserve a culture that has been dispersed by wars and conflict.

3 Responses to “Bethlehem: from Golden Threads to Cement Blocks”

  1. oranginaaa Says:

    This is amazing! I have a story with a different golden thread which I wrote about!

    Great work Salua,

    Ahmad, how can I get a copy?

  2. Toujan Says:

    Can I somehow get a copy too?
    I have seen quite a few of Mrs. Kawar’s treasured collection, and they are all wonderful.

    Ya3teekum el 3afieh!

  3. Humeid Says:

    will try to get you copies..

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