Butter war officially over?


A poster near the dairy product section in my local supermarket had a big poster today, with a letter signed by Sheikh Qardawi and Sheihk Odeh that lifts the boycott of Arla foods, makers of the Lurpak brand. And the butter was really back on the shelf. Interesting ha?

The letter said that Arla has issued a statement condemning the caricatures and thus it should no longer be boycotted. The letter added that this should serve as a good example for other Danish companies.
Lurpak poster

On a related note, I just noticed that the Danish Jordanian Dairy company, has been highlighting it brand name ‘Baladna’ more and more and changing its packaging. It was hilarious/sad how all Jordanian companies with the word ‘Danish’ in them rushed to publish ads saying that they had nothing to do with Denmark and it was ‘just a name’. Well, that exposed the credibility of some brands out there.

This whole boycott business is always bound to hurt some people who have nothing to do with the disputes. When boycotting American products was the vogue, I saw flyers being distributed with all kinds of brand names on them, including Chilli House (which is a purely Jordanian chain).

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
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3 Responses to “Butter war officially over?”

  1. Haitham Issam Says:

    It’s really SAD to watch us arabs sit around doing NOTHING, just holding that ‘Boycott Stick’ and stir it against whoever disses us! First the States, then France, and now Denemark!

    What else to do? Raise awareness, organize lectures to talk about the issue instead of acting like idiots following what the newspapers mention about this. Is boycotting effective? ‘Yes’ would be the obvious answer, but unfortunately its a temporary solution. If we muslims, raise our children well, and follow Prophet Mohammad’s (صلى الله عليه Ùˆ سلم) teachings, they would’ve never crossed the line from the first place. We deserve what’s happening to us.

  2. Jano Says:

    hmmm i heard that the manager of lurpak and some chease products which are for the same company was against the cartoons, well, i dono really but i think muslims have more important things to do, i mean its good to defend for the prophet but first of all what about us? “we’re” somehow the worst example for islam, i mean look at ppl and the way they act and deal with each other, sometimes its really unfair to see a muslim who hurt other ppl or his neigbourhood with trash and insults and whatever, and when they hear something about islam or the prophet they lose their minds, actually those ppl who talk shit about islam only know what muslims do and say and they dont have any idea about real islam, so why dont “we” show them true islam instead of delivering the wrong idea about it, maybe then we’ll be forgiven or even loved my the prophet!

  3. Khalidah Says:

    If the apology is enough .. why was it accepted here and rejected there? what changed??

    Anyway! I was against the boycot to begin with and I am glad that we have Lurpak again :)

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