Apple arrogance?

Two Apple-related stories caught my attention recently:

AppleInsider | Apple calls meeting after making little girl cry:
Apple Computer recently held a meeting to discuss changes to its corporate policy after the company sent an upsetting legalese reply to a third-grade girl who had hand-written a letter to chief executive Steve Jobs with her thoughts on improving the iPod.
And this one:

AppleInsider | Jobs declines to write foreword to Wozniak’s autobiography:
Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs has reportedly changed his mind about writing the foreword to the upcoming autobiography of old pal and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

“I was a little disappointed—Steve Jobs had indicated he’d write a forward. But he’d never written a forward before and I said, ‘Just write what we were like back then,’ Wozniak revealed in an interview with Seattle Times reporter Kim Peterson. “We sent him the book and he said, ‘Oh, I saw some excerpts, and I’m going to decline writing the forward.’”

“I don’t know why” he declined, explained Woz, “because I’m nice to him, so there must have been something he didn’t like.”

All of this sounds kind of arrogant. Not very nice!

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2 Responses to “Apple arrogance?”

  1. Magnus Says:

    I’m not sure either story are because of arrogance. Most large corporations have policies and procedures in place for dealing with certain issues which they probably followed in the first case. That turned out to be not the smartest thing because of who wrote the letter.

    In the second case there may be some legal issues as well. I don’t know why people just automatically expect that Jobs would write the foreword for Woz’s book. I’ve read quite a bit on Apple and the two of them never seemed like really good friends to me. If he had promised to do it and then backed out, then there may or may not be reasons. Unless I know exactly what it is, I’d give him the benefit of a doubt.

  2. Mitch Says:

    Apple’ arrogance will cost Apple dearly!

    one week with our new “apple” product (just a small 27” IMac) we bow down and beg off.

    Our huge Thank You goes to …
    Apple’ non-appreciative and non-caring “world class customer support”
    Apple’ comment that “Clients only” need to remember how to communicate with the holy Apple staff! In contrary, however, Apple staff and or Apple forum moderators neither should need to know, read or worse, try to understand and provide adequate answers or even offer support to help resolve a client’ problem. To make this better understood, a client need to put up with Apple’ world class support and accept insulting comments, instead! Of course!
    Special thanks go to MR Peter Breis from Australia – who reminded us of Apple’ superior dominance while at the same token reminding us of our stupidity by being a (former?) “Windows” user. Apple-Peter… we accept your suggestion and will stay with Windows!

    Apple – you certainly don’t make an adequate partner for us, no matter how much better your system is, your arrogance, insult and neglect we will never be a worthy trade-off for your (hypothetically) better quality product!

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