Ahmad Font makes a cool ad appearance in the Gulf

During my recent trips to Kuwait and Dubai I noticed that a prominent outdoor campaign for a financial/stock trading web site (alawsat.com) adopted my font ‘Ahmad’ for it’s headlines. The implementation in Dubai was particularly interesting: A super-sized mouse was physically stuck to the mupi unit (complete with mouse cord wrapped around the mupi). If anyone out there know the agency behind this campaign let me know.

ANother instance of spotting the font was on the cover of the Kuwaiti Aldeera magazine (see pic below). There was something strange about this magazine. The cover looked pretty ‘experimental’ combining a background image of torn cardboard with the name of the magazine in English constructed of metal type blocks, etc. But the inside pages of the magazine bore no resemblance whatsoever to the cover, adopting the typical low quality/visual overload style of run of the mill Arabic magazines..

In anycase, I was happy to see the font making a Gulfian appearance.

[I also saw it previously in a Jordanian ad campaign.]

ahmad font on ad in dubai

Ahmad font on ad in kuwait

ahmad font ad in kuwait

Ahmad Font on Aldeera magazine

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6 Responses to “Ahmad Font makes a cool ad appearance in the Gulf”

  1. Jano Says:

    very cool i didnt know you had one, and really nice to see ppl usin it.. isnt this awsome? well done

  2. Basem Says:

    I’m no font expert, but if i’m not mistaken, i think i’ve seen this font being used in some Dr. Cafe (Coffee chain here in Saudi) outlets! is it the case Ahmad?


  3. dozz Says:

    someday…i’ll get there.

  4. Humeid Says:

    Basem.. thanks for the link.. font is similar but not the same :)

  5. bilotee Says:

    that’s great! wow!

  6. iDip Says:

    I didn’t know that the font I’ve been reading on ads for months, belongs to a blogger I read his blog at the same time!

    I Salute you for such creativity, and honestly speaking:
    Recently, I had to choose a font for a publication, and after looking at 30+ fonts I chose yours! how strange!

    P.S. missing your podcasts

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