Probably my next Mac. But that will have to wait..

17" MacBook Pro

AArrgh.. It’s out! The 17”, Intel-based MacBook Pro (never liked this ‘pro’ branding). It has a built in camera and Apple claims it is 5x faster and 36% brighter than its predecessors.


Obviously, my next computer will be a MacBook 17”. But you know what? I do not feel a big need to change my current 17” PowerBook. It still feels new, although I had it for a little over 2 years (my god, time flies!). It really gets the job done and more. I have barely used the SuperDrive to burn DVDs (I had a number of filmmaking ideas in mind 2 years ago, which have been pretty much shelved).

So for now, I don’t need to worry about this whole laptop business (which I take quite seriously as you can see below).

Ahmad and his Macs

Ok. Ok. Not all of these are mine. One used to be my wife’s Mac (the black one). The Titanium I gave as a gift to my sister-in-law. The Tangerine iBook is now my mother’s Mac (it was my first laptop). The Black G3 (a great machine by the way) is sitting in a drawer somewhere. It doesn’t have a drive!

7 Responses to “Probably my next Mac. But that will have to wait..”

  1. Ziad Says:


    Yeah, I would have bought one except:

    (1) Most of the programs I use still don’t have Universal versions; so you don’t get nearly the full kick of the new fast processor.

    (2) I’m waiting for the Blue-Ray high def. drive to be incorporated.

  2. Isam Bayazidi Says:

    Now, Although I am really happy with my Macbook Pro 15”, I learned a little lesson, that is to wait a couple of months before buying a new product. There are a couple of “known” issues in my laptop, 1) heat, 2) occasional fan noise .. those in USA and in countries with apple present, went to the service centers, and fixed it in 2-3 days.. I am afraid that it will take them 3-4 weeks here.. and I am not sure I can stay without the laptop for 4 weeks.. beside I am not sure that the service centers in Amman would cover the maintanance in the same way apple shops/service centers do in USA..

  3. Jano Says:

    Hey this is cool . well, can u somehow consider me ur sister-in-Blogging? lol since its too hard considering me a mom :p

  4. Roba Says:

    The picture man, the picture! Worth a thousand words.

  5. Isam Bayazidi Says:

    Ziad.. I don’t thing that Blue Ray is the standard that will be shipping with Apple or other hardware vendors.. most are toward HD-DVD rather than blue-ray which according to analyists will have the same fate as betacam.

  6. Magnus Says:

    I would love to have one but I use a 17-inch G4 PB as my main machine and it is really good enough for what I do, with 2Gb RAM and 120Gb hd. The main thing the MBP would bring me is better speed in some applications (until they’re all UB) and running Windows (which I don’t really need on the notebook).

  7. Steve Says:

    HELP! I live in Amman and own an Apple PowerBook Titanium G4 and the Power Adaptor is failing! The thing is smoking and wires fraying. If anyone knows of anyone with an extra one they could loan or sell to me I would appreciate it! You can reach me at 79-971-1176 or ssena1 (at)

    Thanks much!


    P.S. If anyone has an Apple Care warranty from outside of Jordan and could share their experience on where it is best to get service here, I would appreciate it as well. I am working with Pride and it is really bad…considering going to iSystem, but fear they may be the same…

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