Google translate English-Arabic!

Automatic translation.. that elusive dream. Now Google has English-Arabic-English translation in beta. Just tried translating this site. The results are amusing :-) Google English to Arabic translation

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  1. Dar Says:

    Mmmmm , well they still need to work on it , it is really funny :) but a7san men balash !

  2. Rami Says:

    “Al Fajwa al Malaf”, “Al Manthoma Min Asfal”

  3. Jano Says:

    al 3esabat toghate al sakhra wa osool alla3eb??
    worth trying for fun reasons :)

  4. b m shetty Says:

    i eat, I ate, i will eat. I am eating=

  5. gleiz Says:

    hey can you translate goodbye? and hello? and thank you? and goodmorning?

  6. p.knut Says:

    translate names & definition into arabic from english…
    lawrence=refers to laurel tree

  7. Diana Says:

    I would like to get this name in Arabic Nicole Michelle. Please anyone help

  8. zakeenah Says:

    i would like the true meaning of zakeenah because ive heard so many .

  9. Mar Says:

    how do you say “im sleeping” in arabic.

  10. Ben Says:

    How do you say ben in arabic

  11. luis luis Says:

    Hi there how do u say the name DIEGO in arabic?

  12. Fan I am Says:

    This is interesting

  13. syd Says:

    i want to see what my last name looks like written in arabic….can anyone help me? it is Al-Otaishan

  14. Phillip Says:

    Pls send me the arabic writing of the name ‘Phillip’. Thank you

  15. Nicole Says:


    I’am desprately looking for someone to tell me how to write the names,
    Kayden and Justin in arabic as these are my kids names and would like to have it tattooed on me.

    Please please please help!

  16. Jenny Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Looking for help for the name “Don” and “Donny” to be translated in Arabic and how to pronounce it… I would appreciate your help alot… Thank you…

  17. FARHAN Says:


  18. xxxxx Says:


  19. havi Says:

    Hi I would like to get the translation for the names “Samantha” & “Havella” it’s my second name and so unique and also “Sam” thanking you in advance

  20. Arab Culture Says:

    Hello…I Googled for translate arabic, but found your page about …and have to say thanks. nice read.

  21. Anthony Says:

    Will you translate Anthony, and could you write it for me in arabic!!!

  22. jimbob Says:

    wats james in arabic?

  23. rafat Says:

    i want to translit the litter from english to arabic

  24. Zahir Says:

    sorry folks a lot of these names don’t exist in arabic. most american names with arabic translations are greek (philipalexander) or hebrew (daniel) but lots of names that are celtic brian donald mark dont have arabic translations also made up names like jaden kaden or tawdreeka do not exist in arabic

  25. Alison Says:

    Can you tell me if it’s possible to translate Alison into Arabic? Many thanks.

  26. Donna Webb Says:

    I am teaching the History of Craft at the Myers School of Art, the University of Akron. I will be talking about Islamic ceramics and metalwork and would like to use an Arabic word for craft on the poster for my class. Can you help me?
    Thank you,
    Donna Webb

  27. jenny Says:

    how do you translate and write “sparkle” in arabic? i’d really appreciate your help!!

  28. lee regis Says:

    please translate the name “laura lou” into arabic

    and also the name “sky” into arabic


  29. Lynn Says:

    Hi could you guys help me to translate my name in arabic symbol

    Nur Farlina

    Tks million

  30. montanagrace Says:

    i would like the name isla translated into arabic script if possible

  31. ash Says:

    wat does bamoot feky mean?

  32. Humeid Says:

    it means “i love you to death”

  33. new look Says:

    hi every one
    i am 23 yrs old female and from sudan . i like to make friendships from all over the world but please just with good people and also i can help you to speak arabic if you would like to learn it . this is my email to be contact with me ( so welcome as friends any time

  34. Mia Says:

    i have recently ask an arabic lady whom i met in a store to spell “miabi” (pronounced me-ah-bee) in arabic for me. it looked correct, it had a “3lio” script writing look with a ^ over the 3 and i, a ~ under the L and i and / alot flatter than that under the 3 o and above the L… but i went on a website and it spelled it differently :ةهشلاه

  35. Mia Says:

    BTW my email is

  36. Walid presents help Says:

    Hello i m free to pronounce names to arabic as im arab call me at /allexceptmedecin@yahoo.Com/ any help

  37. Julian Allen Says:

    How would ” life is just a dream on the way to death” be translated into Arabic writing?
    I would like to get that tattooed on me.

  38. wallid Says:

    julian hi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    “”"”الحياه حلم في الطريق الي الموت”"”"this is translation into arabic

  39. Badroe Says:

    hi, i would like to know how to write the name jeremy in arabic.

  40. Trudi Says:


    I would like to have 2 tatoos in arabic.

    The first mum & dad
    The second brother & sister.

    Can anyone translate these for me please?

  41. Ali Says:

    How do you say Walter in Arabic?

  42. Brianda Says:

    Can you translate ricky in Arabic?

  43. ibrahim Says:


    can any one tell me how to write my name in arabic version..plz do me a favor

  44. hannah pellow Says:

    please could you translate beautiful benjamin and beautiful tylor into arabic please as i want it as a tattoo but cant find the arabic writing anywhere. thanks xx

  45. Taryn Says:

    Hey i need some help i want to get a tattoo in arabic
    I want
    He Who Saves One Life Chooses to Save the world in time.
    The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just to Love And be Loved in Return
    but i arabic lol some one plz help!!..xx


  46. zameena Says:

    can someone write sadiyah and nailah in arabic

  47. LEILA Says:

    You’re probably sick of being asked this but i really want to get a tattoo of mine and my sons names in arabic.
    the names are
    If you could show me what they look like in arabic i would be very grateful xxxx

  48. janice Says:

    i will like to know how do you write the name EMIL in arabic and if u can send it to my email thank you for your attention have a nice day

  49. kevin Says:

    hello i would like to know how to write zoraime, jennifer, and kevin in arbic? please and thank you

  50. wallid(arabic man) Says:

    you have asked alot of names and alot of you will not see my reply to his request so who is still in his request manner can call me at that email myhappyplanett@hotmail or yahoo or skyp or that enough

  51. wallid(arabic man) Says:

    my emails is starting wid that word myhappyplanett at or or skype if you want ask about any translation into arabic

  52. Jeremy Says:

    When I was in the Army I had my name translated and embroidered onto my hat in Arabic. I have tried to translate it using online tranlators but have a hard time matching the letters. If I sent you a close picture of the lettering could you translate it for me. I’m curious what exactly it is that they decided my name ought to be since my last name is hardly Arabic. Thank you.

  53. anne Says:

    Please translate for me.
    Good morning Abdul. Hope you are well. Enjoy your day.
    Thank you

  54. Jenny Says:

    Hello, can you please translate the name Joniel for me and also the phrase broken promises Thank You.

  55. Prince Says:

    Can someone spell TEMPEST or send it 2 my email….its

  56. sash Says:

    Hi, Can any1 show me the following names in arabic…


  57. alexa Says:

    please could you translate my name inyo arabic for me-alexandria/alexandier!

  58. to Ibrahim Says:

    Ibrahim= ابراهيم

  59. Tiffany Says:

    can you please translate “my sister’s keeper”
    thank you

  60. biak Says:

    can u pls translate the name routhangvung in arabic script

  61. Rachel Says:

    I really need someones help with this. My name is Rachel but when translated into the Arabic writing I have found different ones. I really want to get this but how do I know which one is correct? Please help!

  62. Rachel Says:

    Okay I am having a VERY hard time translating my name into the Arabic writing and I wanted your help it spiritually means ALOT to me and I would love to have it tattooed I just don’t want to get the wrong thing. My name is Rachel. The 2 translations that I have found are

    ريتش يل

    Well for some reason it looks like that when I copy and paste but it originally looks like:
    ري ش ت ي ل

    could you tell me which one is correct or if they both are and their just written differently. I would really appreciate it!
    My email is Thanks!!!!

  63. danielle Says:

    I would like the araibic translation for Kayden

  64. Aisha Says:

    Would like the arabic translation for my name ‘Aisha’, I’m looking to have it tatooed somewhere on my body

  65. 3adl Says:

    i think that tatooing is not legal in islam

  66. shazia Says:

    please send me my name in arabic

  67. SUNOJ Says:


  68. Jafar Nizam Says:

    I trying to find out the English name of Rhodes (Arabic word).

    To my knowledge Rhodes is dry form of animal feed (some thing like grass/Hay) used as animal feed

  69. tiffany Says:

    I was wondering if I could get the arabic symbols for Madira Johara. It’s my best horses name and I want to get a tattoo of it

  70. rachael Says:

    wil u write d name rachael in arbic please !

  71. Casey Says:

    How do you say the quotes,

    “Live to inspire”


    “Believe in the beauty of your dreams”

    in Arabic?

  72. alex Says:

    Can you translate my name for me please its Alex, i want to get it tattoed, thank you

  73. Dalia M. Says:

    This website a SHITY WEBSITE!!! I thought its suppose to translate english to ARABIC!!!!!!!:(. :)

  74. mustafa Says:

    hi every body’
    if any one want his name in arabic, I can help .
    just send me e-mail at:

    I’ll help with pleasure.

  75. joyce Says:

    I would like to request for a good translation to Arabic for the meaning of ‘apprize’ [meaning - to increase or gain value, to appreciate in value]. Hope to see some feedback. Thank you.

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