BREAKING NEWS: Jordan Communist Toilers Party and Progressive Party CONDEMN Communist Unification Conference

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We interrupt our regular blog posts to bring you this BREAKING NEWS. We are getting reports about DRAMATIC DEVELOPMENTS regarding the planned conference aimed at unifying the Jordanian Communist Movement!
The Jordan Communist Toilers Party and The Progressive Party have DISTANCED THEMSELVES from the efforts by the Jordan Communist Party and a number of Veteran Communists and Independent Communists to hold a conference to unify Jordanian communists.

The Unified Leadership of the two parties stressed that they have been the FIRST who called for the unification of communists, through democratic dialogue, but that the Objective Conditions for this unification have not materialized yet, because of the belligerence of the “Right Wing, Opportunist Stream” that has, historically, existed in the Jordanian Communist Movement.

The two parties have condemned these efforts as aiming at the SABOTAGE of a real communist union that is Committed to a Program of Real Struggle.

The parties concluded that the unity of communists in Jordan is a SACRED Goal that cannot be allowed to be manipulated and destroyed by talk about a superficial union.

[And if you think I am making this up, just read Al-Ghad (Arabic Link)]

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    [...] Then the are all these small, insignificant parties. In the tiny Communist camp alone there are something like three parties fighting over who is more legitimate than the other. Things are a bit better for the milder leftists and Arab nationalist but they, like the communists, are really stuck in the past. [...]

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