The toot girls do it again!

The month of April will be officially over in 13 minutes.. I am looking at the toot top 10 for the month. THE GIRLS DID IT AGAIN! Seven out of the top 10 voted bloggers are female. Thank goodness ‘we men’ still have Sabbah as the number 1 blogger in April. But let’s not fool ourselves here, Sabbah was almost overtaken by the mother from Gaza Raising Yousuf.

Where are the the rights of men in this so-called Arab blogosphere. This toot thing is only a conspiracy against Arab men bloggers. Where is our society coming to, when seven of the top ten bloggers are women. No and a thousand no! This is not acceptable by any standard..

:) he he..

Congratulations to:

  1. Sabbah
  2. Raising Yousuf
  3. The Black Iris
  4. Mental Mayhem
  5. Tech2Click
  6. Into the Wind
  7. Kabob Fest
  8. Mysterious Eve
  9. Um Khalil
  10. Mind

8 Responses to “The toot girls do it again!”

  1. kinzi Says:

    Congrats to all!

  2. Ahmed Says:

    I’m not on the list? Not even no. 10? This is a conspiracy indeed! ;-)

  3. Wael Says:

    women blogs too much ;)

  4. Jano Says:

    loool finally after alot of years women askin for their (god knows what) rights, prayers are answered.. lol

  5. Khalidah Says:

    I did not know that I made it to the list … this is great
    Thanks to all voters :D

  6. Laila El-Haddad Says:

    Haitham only edged me out because of his Arab porn posts! :)

  7. kinzi Says:

    There was a study once that said that men use 5,000 words a day, women use 15,000. I use my extra 10K blog-commenting to save my husband’s ears

  8. Omar Barsawad Says:

    Why don’t we just agree, that given the opportunity – women are as smart as we are and can be smarter!

    Unlike other undertakings in our society where women are marginalised, blogging is free for all on equal terms: and our women have proven their capabiliteis. If only we can give them the same balanced, unbiased opportunities in other fields!

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