I still haven’t visited this event. It’s nice to see some movement beginning in the Jordanian design field, especially in academic circles. This is a Jordan Times story on the subject (pasted in full because the JT DON’T HAVE AN ARCHIVE!!). If anyone out there has participated in this event or saw the exhibition, please share you opinion with the rest of us.

By Mohammad Ghazal
AMMAN — The First International SYMPOSIODESIGN - Amman 2006 seeking to enhance the visibility and practice of graphic design and visual communication, as well as set regional creative standards in the field, begins today.

The six-day event, organised by the Applied Science Private University’s (ASPU) department of fine arts, seeks to create local, regional and international opportunities for exchange, sharing experiences and promoting collaboration among educational graphic design institutions.

“The forum, which is the first event of its kind in the Middle East, will bring about leading design experts and academicians from more than 15 Arab and foreign countries,” Essam Abu Awad, a graphic design lecturer at ASPU, told The Jordan Times.

Several workshops on topics such as digital photography and the state of graphic design education in Jordan will be held during the forum, Awad added.

Participants will examine the current and future needs and challenges of graphic design and visual communication in Jordan and other countries.

Featuring graphic works by students from all over the world, the event is designed to create a better learning environment and positive attitudes, foster creativity among design students and provide networking opportunities for design organisations and colleagues worldwide, according to Awad.

Design experts and educators from Canada, Bahrain, the UAE, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Egypt, India, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the UK, the US and Turkey are taking part in the forum.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

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4 Responses to “ASPU hosts first SYMPOSIODESIGN”

  1. dozz Says:

    any idea where can i find more info?

  2. sudhir Says:

    yes. i attended the event. i was the “indian expert” at the event. from my point of view, it was very well organised and scheduled. it did excite the student community and i guess the media as well. The facilities at the ASU were amazing and my take is..jordanian design event will an event to wtach for in the coming years.

    I however feel the focus will have to involve industry and practitioners in the region. Has a huge scope and potential to become “The design event” in the region. ASU did a fantastic job in a very little time. I have been speaking at confrences around the world, what made this one special is the involvement of doctors and enthusiasm of the students. – sudhir

  3. Essam Abu Awad Says:

    For more information about symposiodesign, amman 06. You may contact me on this address:

    or visit our website
    We will publish a book contains all activities and works by the end of May 06.
    Thank you all
    Essam Abu Awad
    General Secretary
    Org. Committee

  4. Vlado Franjevic Says:

    Hey! Hallo everybody! I participated also there! And am lucky to be invited to do that! What a wonderfull event, what a wonderfull people, what a wonderful country! I hope so much to forward somehow exchange of the positive vibrations and energy with the help of the art and culture events. Have a nice time and all the best, Vlado Franjevic
    P.S. A very special thanks to my friend dr. Arafat al-Naim and all other people from the organisation Comitee, also to my dear Colleagues from around and of course to all of my great Fans :-)

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