Have a Waterlemon in Kuwait ;-)

Waterlemon Kuwait

OK, it’s NOT Watermelon as I first thought. It WaterLEMON. Sadly I only have this lame cameraphone picture from the menu of this innovative juice bar and cafe in Kuwait’s Marina mall (where a friend took me 2 days ago). Very interesting concept: the branding changes colors with seasons. Each season has a color and an icon (example: winter is a snow flake). The names of their endless list of fruit cocktails/juices are exotic (Love Tunnel). The place-mats are transparent nylon circles with some kind of liquid inside them. And the place is really popular in this town. Oh, the food and drinks are great (but on the pricey side).

This concludes my ‘brand experience’ report for the day..

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2 Responses to “Have a Waterlemon in Kuwait ;-)”

  1. Ibrahim Says:

    Waterleomn, this was my favorite place in Riyadh…
    very nice designs and decoration.

    its a lebanese brand, here is their website: www.h2o-lemon.com.
    the good thing is that they will open soon in Amman …

  2. Moe Says:

    OHHHHHHHHHH! i miss kuwait more now :’(

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