Kick-starting tech entrepreneurship at Princess Sumaya University

Today’s paper’s highlighted the award ceremony at PSUT for the winning tech business plans of the Princess Sumaya National Entrepreneurship Competition.

[from the Jordan Times]

Her Majesty Queen Rania on Sunday honoured the six winners of the Princess Sumaya National Entrepreneurship Competition (PSNEC).

The Queen also laid the foundation stone for the Queen Rania Centre of Entrepreneurship in the presence of HRH Princess Sumaya, chairman of the university.

During the ceremony at the Friendship Auditorium of the Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) campus yesterday, the

Queen distributed awards to the winners for their outstanding achievements throughout the competition’s different stages.

Initiated in 2005, the PSNEC required participating student teams from different Jordanian universities to present a business plan for a technology-based entrepreneurial project of their choice.

The plans were presented to a panel of internationally acclaimed judges, which included experts from MIT, Cambridge, King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals, Compubase and PSUT along with other entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The Arabic Al-Ghad also ran a story and included the names of the winning projects. The winning project is called ‘Ketab’ and seems have something too do with whiteboards and projectors (as far as I could understand from the Arabic description. If anyone out there has the names and descriptions of the winning projects in English, please share them with us here.

I couldn’t find info about this on the PSUT website.

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3 Responses to “Kick-starting tech entrepreneurship at Princess Sumaya University”

  1. Muhammad Arrabi Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh….. so typical!! A whole article about the “queen did this and that and gave presents and blah blah” and there’s NO MENTION of the winners or the runner ups or the reasons for winning!!

    Ah… “national news coverage”!!
    Ahmad, please, if you hear more about any of these companies, let me know.

  2. Humeid Says:

    Arrabi my friend..

    Al-Rai newspaper actually had the names of winning project and people. But I could not fully understand what the projects did from the way it was explained. So, actaully the people and their project did get exposure.

    Ypu’re overreacting a bit :)

  3. Mohammad Asfour Says:

    Dear all;

    It is always nice to listen to different opinions. However, it gives us more hope in our future when we see that we started developing our ideas based on facts and not on emotions.

    As Ahmad mentioned the names of our 6 winners were announced in various media. A brief about each idea was also published. However, and since we care about the confidentiality of ideas we followed a stringent IP policy that prohibits the unrestricted exposure of ideas. This aims at protecting our teams and reserving their IP rights.

    In case you needed to know more about the winners and if you feel you can add value to them please feel free to visit and post your comments. I promise that we will respond.

    Best regards,

    Mohammad Asfour

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