Me and toot at the WEF

I am sitting in the Queen Alia airport departure hall waiting for my flight to Sharm el Shiekh, where I will be attending the World Economic Forum on the Middle East. I’ve been invited to be on the panel on youth and technology, as co-founder of Toot. The panel will discuss the effects of technologies like SMS and blogging on the social, political and business development of the region and how young people are using these technologies.

I will report from the conference if I get the chance.

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3 Responses to “Me and toot at the WEF”

  1. David Says:

    Sounds boring and pointless, but I would go if invited as well. Have fun.

  2. lol Says:

    ya doodoo ya habibi ya mama, raye7 3al conference ya teta? ya doodoo, are you presenting a new font? lol

  3. Khalidah Says:

    Brilliant Ahmad … way to go!

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