Blogging from Sharm el Sheikh airport

They have free Wifi here (hint, hint, QAIA)..

Why not use it to write one final post from Sharm.. My thoughts on the WEF will follow soon.

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3 Responses to “Blogging from Sharm el Sheikh airport”

  1. Kteer Kalaam Says:

    Many WEFs later and a “peace” process to boot, the overwhelming majority of Jordanians have not been touched by the promises of a better life. If any, life has only gotten harder, with rising costs of living and income levels circa 1970s still unchanged. Makes one wonder who is benefiting from the WEFs and “peace” and how far can the economic and security situation (the recent wave of terror, crimes, and murders) deteriorate before something gives?

  2. Kalaam Fadi Says:

    Ahmad, i posted something that I consider relevent about the WEF and lack if impact on the lives of Jordanians and you removed it. I am very shocked that you would do such a thing. I know you in person and I never thought you were this type. is this the educated jordanian’s idea of self-preservation? by shutting off debate on relevent issues and silencing bad news? what a shame Ahmad. What a real shame. but i guess when you are benefitting and others are not, you have to protect your turf. god forbid your blog becomes known as a forum for REAL views about Jordan. My i suggesy you shut it down or remove comments feature. Else, require that only propaganda posts will be accepted. You must be hoping for a minister job or something. Right? Enjoy.

  3. Humeid Says:

    Dear ‘Kalaam Fadi’ (I assume you are also ‘Kteer Kalaam’ above):

    I DID NOT ‘remove’ your comment as you can see. It just took me a day to approve it in my moderation queue. OK?? Yes I have moderation on this site because of the damn comment spamming (and the occasional abusive comment).

    You say you know me in person. How about sending me a normal email to complain if you think i ‘removed’ your comment.

    No chance for that ha? You immediatly had to follow with another anonymous comment accusing me of all sorts of things.

    I am publishing both your comments, as an illustration how bizarre this blog commenting business can become.

    Thank you very very much.

    Ahmad Humeid
    Minister of Blogging ;)

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