Toot tabat: the worldcup blog can everyone can read AND WRITE!

toot tabat

I teased you a little bit about this a few days ago, but now it’s here: toot tabat. The newest toot production launched on the occasion of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Tabat is a ‘super blog’ that everyone can read (obviously) and write.

It will only cost you $100/month to receive on your computer with a special ART receiver.. JUST KIDDING, OK?

It will be free! And everyone can register to become a tabat blogger. When you first register, your posts will be checked by the toot tabat Coach before they go on air. Those who prove themselves to be super bloggers, will get out of the junior league and their posts will be published directly.

Everything goes: Opinion, rants, raves, info, links, analysis. It just needs to be ORIGINAL (not copied from another site) and INTERESTING.

If you’re not into writing, no problem. You can leave a voice mail via Skype and the tabat Coach will play it on the site!

Check it out now..

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6 Responses to “Toot tabat: the worldcup blog can everyone can read AND WRITE!”

  1. Lina Says:

    Brilliant Idea :) love it!! Great job you guys… I can’t wait to start reading, ranting, and commenting..

  2. super devoika Says:

    GREAT!! loved the design! keep it up tootees

  3. Khalidah Says:

    Great idea and a wonderful creative design Ahmad .. well done toot team :D

  4. hareega Says:

    thanx a lot man my respect towards you has tripled in the 20 seconds i spent reading this entry.

  5. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    yay, loving it, loving the technology behind it, havnt checked the voice mail thingy but if it works, thumbs up ;)

    by the way, I get your rss feed via google on my google homepage… and it usually displays the first few lines, guess where did the google reader stop? here:
    “It will only cost you $100/month to receive on your computer …”
    and I was like: HEYYA NA2SAK INTAL AKHAR!
    ofcourse days later i get an invitation to the blog via Jad Madi, and I visit the site to figure out it was “just kidding” :D

  6. Humeid Says:

    Sorry for giving you the 100$ scare.. and welcome to tabat..

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