This region, its conflicts and its moral low points

Over the past few days events have unfolded with rapid fire succession. Every new piece of news is more frustrating than the one preceding it and I feel like there’s a big cloud of gloom over my head.

The moral lows that the screwed up conflicts in this region have reached just make me dizzy.

In Gaza the Israeli army shells a beach and kills women and children. It then actually apologizes! It was a mistake! Or something! They were probably trying to take out Palestinian fighters who launch rocket attacks against Israel. On Thursday the Israelis managed to kill Abu Samhadaneh, a senior Palestinian fighter who was responsible for many rocket attacks and who was recently appointed as the new Hamas created security force/militia.

The ‘inevitable’ response from Hamas to the beach massacre? An end of the cease fire they have upheld for the past year. Now they want to suicide-bomb Israel again. If they go ahead with this, we can only expect more mindless/criminal retribution from the damn Israeli army, with more ‘mistakes’ that wipe out innocent palestinian lives.

Just hours before this situation, I was reading with DISBELIEF how the Hamas geniuses expressed their ‘mourning’ for the demise of Zarqawi. Then came the retraction/denial that wasn’t a denial. Zarqawi in their eyes was, after all, a ‘symbol’ for the resistance against America in Iraq!

At this moment, I don’t know wether to sympathize, feel sorry for or feel angry about Hamas. Damn it. Where is the moral compass of these people.

Then there’s the referendum story. What the hell is wrong with asking the opinion of the people? Israel is wiping the rest of Palestine off the map with its Wall, while the Palestinians are busy with infighting. And what is Hamas’s alternative strategy for god’s sake? It’s unbelievable!

As if on queue, the Israelis commit another atrocity in Gaza. What about THEIR moral compass? Thrown out the window a long, long time ago I guess! But the timing? How can Hamas accept the referendum now, after the blood on the beach.

And also on queue is ‘Doctor’ Zawahiri appears on a video tape asking the palestinians to reject the referendum!

Before too long we will have a new equation: Hamas=Al-Qaeda. And maybe soon Palestinians=Al-Qaeda.

Then what?


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2 Responses to “This region, its conflicts and its moral low points”

  1. La Hawla Says:

    “At this moment, I don’t know wether to sympathize, feel sorry for or feel angry about Hamas. ”

    any poeple who live, breath, suffer violence and repression day and night and see so many of their loved ones killed are bound to be driven by anger not reason. I never fault an outraged palestinian or iraqi…never.

    “Then there’s the referendum story. What the hell is wrong with asking the opinion of the people? ”

    because it takes all the powers away from the elected government. imagine if everytime Abu Mazen does not like the decision of the elected government he calls for a referrendum. then the Hamas-led PA will start launching its own referendums. then there is no point to elections. we setup a voting machine Super Star style and anyone can start calling for a referendum.

    also, there is no way to verify the authinticity of the referendum outcome. there will be room for fraud and manipulation since this will not be an election monitored by internaitonal observers. it will be Abu mazen and his militias doing the counting.

    Finally, the referrendum only says what palestinains in Gaza and West Bank want. it does not express the will of the palestinains in the diaspora including the refugee camps. they are the majority and for so long they have been marginalized. But it seems whenever it suits Fatah, they ask for local voices via referrendum, and whenever it suits them they demand that the PLO is the rep for all palestinains in and outside.

    I am afraid Fatah, with its economic and political corruption, has destroyed the Palestinian center. The left is marginal, so guess who looks good when compared to Fatah? you guessed right.

  2. DepressedMan Says:

    I agree with most of what you state. But I have the following questions:-
    [1] At point the Palestinian Resistance Movement should end the truce? How far the Israeli army has to go before breaking this truce?

    [2] Didn’t hamas strongly condemned the attacks in Amman? for that matter didn’t they condemned all other attacks including 911, Madrid, London?

    [3] From a business point of view would you ever consider putting the question of creating websites porn businesses by putting referendum amongst your staff? I don’t think so. So how is that different with Hamas Stance?

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