A public moral stance against the Islamic Action Front deputies is needed

No anger for Palestine, Iraq and no feeling of oppression or humiliation and no ‘jihad’ justifies the killing of 60 people in Amman’s hotels last year.

The public stance of the three IAF deputies in mourning and praising Zarqawi is shameful.

What kind of society will we live in when some of our elected representatives are ready to offer us for slaughter by anyone who ‘fights the Americans’.

If you want to let the IAF know what you think of their stance, here is their address:

المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية
العبدلي -خلف وزارة الصناعة والتجارة
: 5696985 (9626)/5699997(9626)/5691516(9626)
فاكس: 5696987 (9626)
ص.ب: 925310 الرمز البريدي: 11110
بريد إلكتروني: info@jabha.net

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34 Responses to “A public moral stance against the Islamic Action Front deputies is needed”

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  2. Natalia Says:

    These people should be thrown out on their asses, seriously. They have zero respect for what Amman suffered last autumn. Who knows, maybe they even privately rejoiced. Certainly their current stance seems to imply that.

  3. mush ma3ghool Says:

    Natalia “These people should be thrown out on their asses”

    fishing in the muddy waters again Natalia?

    but you find no problem with your fellow americans and israelis killing arab civilians.

    reminds me of iran vs. USrael. iran talk tough and mean and they get all the condemnations. But israel and US kill innocents and Western protestations suddenly soften.

    When was the last time you wanted to throw the IDF or Marines out on their asses for killing arab civilians Natalia? I don’t recall you saying anything like this. I am not surprised though.

  4. Humeid Says:

    I see no problem in condeming ALL killers. This is what a lot of people can’t get in their head. They can only think with an ‘us versus them’ mentality. We can condemn the Israeli army AND the terrorists (and their apologists too).

    It’s way to easy to condemn the Israelis and the Americans. Everybody does it. But who will speak out against our local terror sympathisers? That’s the question.

  5. Natalia Says:

    Mush, [edited] off. If you had bothered getting to know me, you’d find out that I am anti-war and pro-Palestine, as well as anti-terror. I know that thinking of Americans as walking pcaricatures robably helps you sleep at night, but as TLC once sand, don’t hang your shit on me.

  6. Natalia Says:

    Of course, when I say that I am pro-Palestine, that doesn’t mean that I support the slaughter of Israeli civilians.

  7. mush ma3ghoo Says:

    NATALIA POST 1: “I am anti-war and pro-Palestine”

    The above was Natalias post, in the heat of the moment.

    NATALIA POST 2: “Of course, when I say that I am pro-Palestine, that doesn’t mean that I support the slaughter of Israeli civilians.”

    The above was Natalias poste when she rememberd she has israsli and neo-con friends. note how she is quick to distance herself from killing of israeli civilians, but no comment about the killing of arab civilians.

    This is a fine exmple of a knee-jerk racism of most americans. now she will try to defend herself with more hotair.

    Natalia, let me guess. you are presently in Jordan. right? and you feel obliged to say things like “I am pro-palestinian” to pay token homage to your palestinian and jordanian friends who other wise would not by you a beer next time they see you. am I right or am I right?

  8. The Observer Says:

    I guess that this is a good lesson for us to be more careful in choosing the people who represent us next time in the parliament.

  9. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    mmm, people.. i always believed that the west “or whomever that unseen enemeny we seem to fight” was very VERY clever in misleading us… first they invaded the Arabian lands, then they gave each unit its independence, now everybody cries the name of his or her unit…. well enough about that! before jumping to “throw” people around, get to know some truth. I wont claim I know any, all I know is that what appears to be the truth does not even convince me, and I refuse to be fooled again. Who is Zarqawee? one man? a group of men? What has he really done? Is he responsible for the Amman attacks? Was he alive before? Why died now? what are these bull terms you’re using: anti-war! anti-terror! pro-palestine?!! Who came up with them in the first place and for what reason? common people… get down to it. turn off your televisions, burn the news papers, make your own realities, and WORK, WORK, WORK!

  10. Markus Says:

    I miss the political scene 10 years ago, there was almost no emphasis on this magic word “terrorists” , oh how times change people, in this case , the whole darned world. Sometimes i try to keep myself from laughing, do people not realize the brainwashing that they are going through, so many words get coined throughout history, and they are usually coined by the person in power, not necessarily the person with the proper credentials to do so, this has been the favorite curse word for the israeli government and Sep-11 made this word a staple of human literature, irhabi, terrorista yada yada, people think for a minute what is a terrorist, seriously give urself a few moments here and think about it, what makes George Bush any different than Zarqawi what makes sharon or olmert or any arab leader who tortures his political advesaries in dark underground hells, so zarqawi has no F-16 to blow people to pieces, how would u rather die, getting decapitated or having a 500 pound bomb pulverize your family and you? which one is worse? They are both murdereres and our sentiments towards both should be the same…unless of course we believe in double standards

  11. Phree Says:

    Hypocrits. Totally irrational. What? they can sleep better now? If one of those three IAF deputies had lost a loved one in the bombings. would he have remembered his “religious duty” ? Blind men leading the blind. There is no hope for us when our own representatives are so detached, stupid, and full of crap. What next? Will they press for the release of that bitch who tried to detonate herself?

  12. The Big Pharaoh » Angry at Jordan’s Brotherhood Says:

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  13. Natalia Says:

    Sorry, loser, I’m not in Jordan. I’m in the United States, the “Great Satan.” You can have the blod administrator verify my ISP if you don’t believe me. And if I supported the killing of Arab civilians, I wouldn’t be upset about the IAF trying to make Zarqawi out to be some sort of martyr. My friend’s aunt was killed that day in Amman. So please spare me your pathetic attempts at trying to make me out to be someone I’m not. By all means, keep living in a fantasy world where all Americans and Israelis are evil and inhuman. I feel sorry for you.

  14. Khaled Says:

    Dear Mush ma3ghool,

    Being Natalia’s live-in I’ll take this exchange to voice my own opinion.
    As a Jordanian I find your attitdue tedious at best. A sign of the shortcomings of the Jordanian education system whether it be secondary or post-secondary.

    To use your own rhetoric of moral equivication, let me ask you this, have you shed any tears when a suicidee bomber kills scores of Israeli teenagers at a nightclub? I would venture that you haven’t.

    Your position on these matters is simply a re-enforcement of a basic uninformed state of mind. The inability of the mainstream Arab (Jordanian) public to acknowledge societal, cultural and religious maladies. When 9/11 happened, the “arab street” cried foul when it turned out that the perpetrators were jihadists, indeed a vast segment of the population went so far as to say that th Israelis were responsible. Others simply said, well Palestinians die everyday why doesn’t anyone care?

    To put it succinctly, A very large number of us simply do not want to deal with the possibility that there exists serious problems inherent within Society and Religion. Instead we turn to the other as a simply quick fix response to our problems. If Moslems or Arabs are accused of perpetrating the worst excesses of brutality we do not ask ourselves what is wrwong with our society, how is it that these individuals share a common cultural and religious bond with ourselves, we do not ask the difficult questions, instead we shoot back with an all too common and in my opinion quite primitive repetoire “It wasn’t our people, it was the zionists” or “The Palestinians have been oppressed for years”.

    In admitting our own shortcomings we are not necessarily giving up on the Palestinians. But we must recognize evil in all its forms even if it eminates form within the very fabric of or society.

    The reason the Arab world is as backward as it is now is not because of colonialism or outside interference, but because of our inability to address our own problems.

    So please next time you decide to lauch on on of your tirades a little introspection might be in order

  15. Khaled Says:

    One more thing,

    according to amnest international, the vast majority of Iraqi deaths in the current war are as a result or Iraqi on Iraqi violence not the result of Collateral damage by coalition forces. You might dismiss Amnesty as a western organization but until the Iraqi census bureau is up and running and starts tabulating causes of death I will stick with amnesty

    Furthermore, I have many Israeli friends, simply clumping them together into one large monolith is counter productive to everone involved, I need not remind you that there are a large number of Israelis who simply want to live in peace and pull out of the west bank and Gaza.

    Furthermore, I believe in order to alleviate the palestinians must admit that their actions in the past 20-30 years has been extremely detrimental in finding a solution to their problems.

    Instead of Ghandi, the Palestinians have Hamas, to me that is absolutely disgusting.

    That is, once again, not to say that the current sitution in the West Bank Gaza is not one of the greatest tragedies of the modern age as well as a grave injustice

  16. Shu Mamghoos Says:

    Khaled says : “according to amnest international, the vast majority of Iraqi deaths in the current war are as a result or Iraqi on Iraqi violence not the result of Collateral damage by coalition forces.”

    Ahhhmm! but the invasion forces are DIRECTLY responsibly for the insecurity situation. This is like you saying that the 500,000 iraqis killed by the US/UK sanctions were the result of Saddam. And the massacre of Sabra and Shatila was committed by the Lebanese.

    “Khaled” here is a simple formula for the “morally” challanged:
    —Iraqi death toll before US/UK invasion as a result of loss of security = a very insignificant number.
    —Iraqi deaths after the US/UK invasion = over 100,000 thousand murdered Iraqis.

    Now if you don’t see a cause and effect then you are far more obscene than the IAF MPs who see Zarqawi as a hero, and you see the US/UK as innocent bystandrds.

  17. mush ma3ghool Says:

    “My friend’s aunt was killed that day in Amman. ”

    Trying to cash in on your friend’s misery to make a point will not endear you more to anyone. the nimber ONE reason behind the terror attacks in Jordan is the pressure the US keeps putting on weak Arab states to play an active role in America’s dirty wars such as in Iraq. BUt I guess thats’ what Bush meant when he said WE WILL TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY, so now you in North Carolina will be safe, but I and most Jordanian not protected with armored vehicals and your friend’s family who lost her poor aunt will never be safe.

    “So please spare me your pathetic attempts at trying to make me out to be someone I’m not.”

    You belong to a country that selected, by a majority vote, to be led by a Bush even after the lies have been exposed and so many innocents have been killed and continue to be killed so you can secure the flow of oil and protect your sidekicks in the region and ensure Israeli dominance.

  18. Khaled Says:


    Your argument bears some resemblance to post colonial theory. Thought I must admit a very crude and vulgar interpretationa at which many respectable academics would shudder in disgust Once again I cannot blame you personally for this as the education you received has quite obviously been sub-par. Your argument is that it was the coalition invasion that was respomsible for the instability in Iraq and as such Iraqi on Iraqi violence is simply a by product of instability. This view attempts to “sweep under the peverbial rug” the many problems that face islamic society today. You contend that in the absence of a dictatorial central power enforcing security with an iron grip, a large number of Iraqis will revert to Barbarism. your assertion is based upon the premise that Iraqis cannot distinguish right from wrong and that they must have vicious police state in order to keep them from murdering each other. You assume that in order for people not to murder each other en masse a heavy handed police state must exist. I believe that this view is condecending and simply an attempt to sidestep the real issue which is

    Why are Iraqis killing Iraqis by the thousands?

    This isn’t a small problem due to the absence of a fully functional police force, its not a very small number of people stealing each others property and getting into petty fights, this is a societal wide phenomenon whereby tens of thousands of people perhaps even hundreds of thousdands are engaged in murderous slaughter and breaking down civil society. It isn’t one or two criminal gangs or mobsters vying for control as was the case after the fall of the soviet union whereby there was a power vacuum and a break down of law order. Indeed during that time we saw vicious gang wars but no suicide bombings of market places, no blowing up of churches or mosques or wroshipers, no random kidnappings of foreigners (even Americans who were the Russians cold war foes). History recordd that the Soviet Union suffered from a political and social breakdown after the fall, there were gang wars but there was no indiscriminate violence as perpetrated in Iraq today.

    Is it true that the Invasion has led to the break down of law and order? undoubtedly yes. That is not a hard question to answer. your interpretation of events sidesteps the more important question which is

    why are Iraqis killing Iraqis on such a massive and indiscriminate scale?

    You and many others in the Arab world do not want to deal with this issue. It is easier to live without nuance in a world where wrongdoing is attributed is solely attributed to the other. You want to paint the world with absolutist brush. It is easier for the Arab or moslem to simply view the Americans as evil and not attempt to answer the more important question and address the problems that plaque our society. We as a society do not want to address the fact that radicalism and fundamentlaism, religious or otherwise, is not on the periphery of our society but rather currently rooted at the very core. We do not want to discuss the fact that the Arab world has the world’s worst universities highest rates of illiteracy and publishes the least number of Academic papers of any region in the world after sub saharan Africa.We do not want to talk about poverty and inequality but we would rather blame somoene else for everything and distract ourselves away from these important issues by drawing idiotic carricatures of foreingers as being evil and blood thirsty

    I also find it extremely worrisome that you want to collectivize every single American into one single entity. The nation state is not a representative of the individual. Indeed specifically in the Iraq war case, Americacns are themselves deeply divided. Some support the war whole heartedly others reject it aand some lie somewhere in the middle. The same with Israelis and any other people for that matter. Furthermore, it was technically not a “majority” popular vote that brought Bush into power. Over 50% of Amricans that voted did not vote for Bush in the 2000 presidential camapagin befor the begining of the war in iraw, furthermore, more than half of eligible voters in the US did not vote at all. So do you want to blame them?

    It is extremely dangerous to characterize individuals of nation states into one single monolithic entity. It is an extremely dehumanizing force, one upon which fundamentalists rely on in order to further their demonic agenda. Once you start looking at the other as something not human the process of instigating violence against that other becomes more easily justified.

    There is no less tragedy in the murder of Israeli children than the murder of Palestinian Children. They are both tragedies and a sign of the sickening state o affairs the world is in. I know you would reply to me on this by saying that mroe palestinians have died than Israelis, this is indeed true and the plight of the palestinians in terms of sheer numbers exceed that of Israelis. However, the minute we start quantifying the value of human life in a political struggle is when we lose our humanity. The death of a 2 year old Israeli girl is a tragedy and so is the death of a 2 year old palestinian girl, playing the numbers game is another attempt at dehumanizing the other,

  19. Khaled Says:

    The Massacre of Sabra and Shatilla was indeed committed by Lebanesee people. IT was Lebanese militia members that fired their guns. They are directly responsible for the deaths. That is not to say that the Israeli commander that allowed the massacre to occur is not also responsible.
    But it is harder to deal with the fact that people who shared cultural and social ties massacred each other with abandon (albeit they were of different religions but later on religious allegiance became a non factor in the lebanese civil war as vying militias form the same religious backgrounds started killing each other and so did the syrians. Instead the large majority of arabs would rather shift the blame entirely on the other in this case it is the Israelis, We arabs do not want to ask ourselves why is it that th Lebanese chose to slaughter each other, this inability to deal with our own problems and our constant shifting of blame is part of the reason there was little arab intervention in the civil war, and when it came in the form of the taif accords it was extremely late.

    The same goes with tthe sanctions in Iraq. The sanctions came as a result of Iraqi aggression under the auspices of Sadam, Sadam refused to cooperate with the international community and not just the americans but anybody else including his fellow arabs. (even Syria was part of th international force in operation desert storm). Yes the sanctions were brutal, but Sadam refused to recognize that he had to cooperate for the sak eof his people, at best it was because of false pride, at worst it was because of indifference.

    So yes saddam does share SOME of the blame of the sanctions. So does virtually every nation state in the world that voted in favour of the sanctions.

    So once again I beg you to look at things from a more objective point of view and to rid yourself of this myopic view of arab affairds

  20. mush ma3ghool Says:

    Khaled, your unoriginal assessment of the palestinian situation, being to blame for their misery, reads like the FAQ page off AIPAC booklet or the Talking Points off the ZOA website.

    Khaled you say ” I have many Israeli friends, simply clumping them together into one large monolith is counter productive to everone involved,”

    this is one of the most cliche-riddled statement that any one has ever posted on 360 East to date. But allow me to take one sample paragraph and respond to it one cliche at a time:

    1) “i have many israeli freinds”

    What does that mean “khaled”? that because you have israeli friends that this makes Israelis Ok? how many friends is that? 1, 5, 10. Don’t worry, that leaves 5 million Israelis minus 10 of your friends. How does that change anything “khaled” ?

    2) “clumping them together into one large monolith”

    I am not the one doing the “clumping” . every election since the founding of Israel, the majority of Israelis could have ended the occupation and returned the non-jewish refugees home, even before Hamas existed. Yet the majority of Israelis, labor and likud, left and right (all of israel is actually far right) have chosen to support aparthied policies that kept the refugees rotting in their camps (and blamed the arabs for it…the audacity) policies to build jewish-only towns on land stolen from non-jews, and to deny the non-jews equal rights. Now if you belive that democracy reflects the well of the majority, then it’s obvious that the majority in israel are one nasty group of racial supremacists who think that a jew has rights that trump those of non jews. of course your 10 israeli friends are exempt from that.

    3) ” is counter productive to everone involved,”

    now this is supposed to sound important except that it means nothing. i think you qualify for one of those peace negotiations committees because you have the qualifications: saying things that sound reconcialiatory but actually mean nothing. but I will take a shot at understanding it. you ment to say that israelis are nice people because a handful of israelis are your friends, ignoring in the process everythign we see on the news, every UN security council resolution condemning the occupation, every amnesty international report, every one of the over 3500 palestinians killed just since the seconfd intifada, the thousands of arab homes destroyed, the thousands of olive trees uprooted, the thousands of political prisoners, etc…THAT DESPITE ALL OF THAT WE MUST NOT COMMIT ANY GENERALIZATIONS BECAUSE YOU HAVE ISRAELI FRIENDS? .

    “Instead of Ghandi, the Palestinians have Hamas, to me that is absolutely disgusting.”

    who is disguesting? the palestinians? so now you found another reason to hate them? amazing how you always find reasons to blame the victims, and to also find them disguesting. fact is, ALL of the worlds’ liberation movements from France to Russia to Poland to Vietnam to Algere have fought vicious battles and suffered a great deal. None of them had any Ghandy.

    “khaled” you are a person devoid of compassion, or understanding. at best you are a third-rate liberal who thrives on empty liberal-sounding cliches but has no grasp of the meaning of liberalism. Let me remind you that LIBERTY and FREEDOM are the most fundemental pillars of liberal values. And any nation under an invasion, espically by a supremacist group like zionists, has every right to use any means to eject the bastards and to secure the return to their loved ones from exile and enemy prisons. If you were a normal person with a sembelnce of decency, you would have taken the side of the underdog, not the strong and the rich and the oppressor. but the world is littered with neo-liberals. remember there is a 100 dollar fine for littering.

  21. Ramzi Says:

    “GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – An Israeli airstrike targeting a key figure in Palestinian rocket attacks killed 10 people Tuesday, including the militant, two children and three medical workers who rushed to the scene of an initial blast.”

    Khaled…here is something for you and your israeli friends, who have served in the israeli state militias and may have killed arabs for all we know. next time you have a beer with them, ask them how does it feel to live in a place where not being jewish means that you can get killed by a jew and be written off as collateral damage?

  22. Khaled Says:

    With reference to your latest tirade,

    My example of Israeli friends was not meant to in any way undermine the suffering of the Palestinian people, What I had meant was that the rhetoric of generalization discounts the possibility of the existence of individuals who support your own position or at least the palestinian position, it is dangerous and destructive because it decontructs the other into a an abstract and nebulous entity devoid of any meaningful individual identity and as such makes it easier for the perpetuation of violence. In my immediate area the main organizer of the local palestinian support organization is in fact an Israeli citizen, plus a large number of the participants in the last Palestinian Solidarity movement conference were in fact Israelis. I’m not trying to tell you that all Israelis are against the occupation but rather I’m trying to get you to concede or at least acknowledge the fact that not ALL Israelis support the occupation.

    Once again you are ignoring the more difficult question and revrt back to the Israelis are our enemies rhetoric. very easy to do, but how do you go about solving the plight of Palestinians,

    continuing the suicide bombings and violence is not helping the Palestinians, if anything it is doing the very opposite,

    I am more concerned with thinking about how to end the suffering of Palestinians, radicalism, fundamentalism and violence is not the solution and is not bringing the palestinians any closer to solving their problems.

    I hate to give you a history lessons but the examples you cited are a little of the mark,

    By Russia I assume you are referring to the fall of the Soviet Union, whereby a large number of rpublics broke off from the Union. The break up was essentially not marred by large scale violence, it wasn’t violence that brought down the Soviet Union and allowed for nations such as kazakhstan and Ukraine to break off. Actually th fall of th soviet Union had very little to do with nationalism and more to do with economic stagnation and the failure of the perestroika reforms. Maybe your refering to WW2, in that case the abaology is not justified as the war was between two nation states fought by armies on both sides with clearly defined political structures and geopolitical forces. The same goes with France, if you are referring to WW2, The situation in the West Bank is not a war between nation-states, it is more a domestic issue with colonialism involved (Israel colonizing the west bank)

    In Poland the solidarity movement which led to the capitulation of Communism was a non violent movement, Lech Walesa didn’t fire a singe shot.

    The liberation of Algeria, contrary to popular belief in the arab world, not because of the armed resistance but rather because of the widespread civil disobedience with took away the profits accrued from the french’s colonial endeavour. The withholding of labour enabled the Algerians to rid themselves of french colonialism and not the bombing of the Air France headquarters in algiers in the 1960s.

    The American Vietnamese war is also a false anology because it was originally a civil war fought betweeen north and south vietnam before the Americans got involved, furthermore, no Americans moved to Vietnam to colonize it. If you are refering to the french-Vietnamese war of independence, it is not the same as france was on the other side of the world and not right next door as in the case with Israel and the west bank. In any event the very small number of french colonists, American pressure by withholding the Marshall Plan is what allowed the Vietnamese to evict the french from vietnam.

    I am not sayingthat the Palestinians are disgusting but rather that this whole state of affairds disgusts me. The endless violence is to me abhorrent.

    You say people can do anything in their power to acheive liberty or freedom. Is that carte blanche to kill main and murder children and innocents. Indeed Al-qaeda’s ideology claims ridding the arab & moslem world of oppression and afford them freedom. They cite the pursuit of liberty as their justification for murder. The question to be asked then is what is price of something as abstract as freedom. How can denying the liberty and freedom of others lead to our own liberty?

    Funnily enouh all these concepts of freedom and liberty were first voiced or at least solidifed in the writings of Emanuelle Kant, his writings, the corner stone upon which liberalism is founded assumes that each individual should be granted personal freedom as long as that freedom does not reestrict th freedoms of others. Now, The Israeli occupation and all the injustice and killing that goes with it is undoubtdly an injustice. However, the suicide bombings are also an infringement on others freedom. One cannot achieve freedom through a campaign that involves the anti-thesis of freedom. Indeed combining the thesis of freedom with the means of achieving through the anti-thesis of infringement of freedom will not lead to freedom but rather to a synthesis that is far from freedom.

    Even if I were to take your example of Algeria and I will take your point just for a moment that the Algerians achieved independence through violence, the resulting synthesis of attempting to acheive freedom through the oppsoite of freedom (oppression and violence) has led the Algerians to anything but freedom and liberty. Do you cnonsider Algeria today as in the citizens of Algeria as being free, they are anything but, rocked by civil war and under the thumb of dictatorship.

    Lastly, I never claimd to be a liberal, I am if anything on the political spectrum, a Libertarian.

    I think I’m going to go have that beer now that you are so concerned about me having.

  23. Khaled Says:

    One last think, let me continue to emphasize that the communal tragedy that is Palestine is an affront to a humanity as a whole. The continuing oppression of the palestinian people cacnnot be justified in any way. I firmly believe that ending their misfortune cannot be found in continuing th violence and reverting to barbaric and indiscriminate attacks. Simply

  24. Khaled Says:

    responding to Israeli attacks with counter attakcs will not lead to any kind of freedom, at best it would lead to an empty shell of what would be freedom, at worst, the plight of the palestinians will continue unchanged.

  25. Natalia Says:

    Yo. I’ve just started by new job, and am surprised to find the boyfriend holding down the fort here. We both read Jordan Planet, but it’s rare for me to see him get so wrapped up in a conversation like this.

    Anyway, Mush, I’m doing what? Trying to “cash in” on my friend’s misery? How does that work? Is there a little claims agency I can go to? Or perhaps are you the one who often uses the suffering of others to justify being a jerk? Heh heh.

    Of course, what happened to my friend’s family is no laughing matter. But you’re so desperate to paint me as a bloodthirsty crusader, you could care less, right?

    You’re not the first or the last who thinks it’s Ok to insult people because of where they live. I suppose I could do the same to you, you know, point out the problem of honour killings in Jordan, or something cheap like that. But unlike you, I’ve been lucky enough to travel and to meet and work with too many different people to hold these kind of prejudices. If you ever lighten up, let me know.


  26. nasimjo Says:

    aham,, what was the subject up there again?!
    it says:
    “A Public Moral Stance against the Islamic Action front deputies is needed”

    I wonder where i can find that in the comments, guys, if you want to review your points of view start ur own blog!

  27. Khaled Says:


    I just noticed something, you se 5 said the other 5 million israelis,
    a million or so are Israeli arabs, they live and work side by sidew with Israelis on a daily basis, they have suffered from discrimination by the Israeli state, discrimination which has been slowly eroding away, especially with the ending of jewish land discrimination law struck down by the ISraeli supreme court.

    What would you consider ISraeli arabs? do you think they are traitors, after all they live and work with Israelis, some of them are very successful businessman but on the whole they are poorer than most Israelis.

    Interestingly enough, they also vote in the ISraelis elecctions as citizens, are they also responsible for the occuptation in the same all americans are responsible for the iraq war, Israeli even have kennesset members, they pay taxes that fund the ISraeli army and rarely are they ever involved in suicide bombings or attakcs on jews.

    so when you say Israelis do u mean them too, because they are Isaelis and are part of the political process do you clump them together the same way you do all americans or all Israelis as you have said before.

  28. mush ma3ghool Says:

    Khaled, your posts are eshee mush ma3ghool .

    Your point to Israeli Arabs as proof that Jewish Israelis are good people. After all, if jewish Israelis are not good folkls, why would they treat Palestinian Israelis as nicely as you suggest they do. This is a very strange ideology you subscribe to.

    Khaled, since you have no problem with the Israeli program, wht don’t you propose to the US govrnment the same program:


    1) Declare any state withing the USA with a majority black and latino population as an occupied territory, effectivly taking away voting rights of its residents.

    2) In states where there is a a dangerously significant Black and Latino populations, expell as many colored folks as you can into Mexico but keep 20% non-whites to show that you care about colored people.

    3) Build white-only towns in occupied black and latino states. Kill those colored folks who object, call them militants and terrorists.

    4) Repeat above whenever colored population gorws out of control.

    And since Israeli Jews can do all of the above to non-jews and still be called a western democracy by the likes of you, then this program should work in any other democracy looking to ensure a white majority in power.

    Khaled, you will be someone important one day invited to Fox TV’s Bill Orielly and Rush Limbaugh…like Kamal Nawash…heard of him?...ETHA LAM TAS’TA’HE FA’SNA3 MA SH’IT

  29. Windingstad Says:


    Thanks alot for taking the time to share you knowledge.
    Being able to state the obvious is sometimes a very valuable quality.
    I always get this good feeling when I read something that is not biased and full of hypocrisy.

    Greetings from Norway

  30. Natalia Says:

    This just gets weirder and weirder… Pop some lithium man. Get a massage.

  31. mush ma3ghool Says:

    “Pop some lithium man. Get a massage.”

    good thing there is a cure for depression, even if just for the symptoms. but what a shame none extists for a low IQ. i gues not only does power corrupts, it dumbs people down.

    sad thing natalia is that my views reflect the views of every palestinian and iraqi touched by your brand of “humanity.”

    not, i could be wrong about you. so you will have one last chance to redeem your self, and don’t change the subject please. This is all what you have to say:

    “I, natalia X, consider US and Jewish acts of violence in Iraq and in Palestine as state terror which I condemn in the same manner that i condemn all forms of terrorism and I support the right of the victims to defend themselvs from state terror.”

    Do you agree to the above? it’s that simple. if you reply with one of your stupid comments, then I shall bestow upon you the well-deserved title of the Blog Blond.

  32. Natalia Says:

    Wow, I didn’t even see this comment before. I was going to link to this entry, and well, here it is! What a non-sequitor. Normal people are against terror. ON ALL SIDES. Terror is inexcusable, and nobody should have to get away with it, not even people who have been touched by violence in the past. Otherwise, you perpetuate a vicious cycle.

    I don’t believe that anyone can be excused from committing violent acts, whether the people at hand are the Bush Administration and their war-mongery and lies, or the militant wings on Hamas.

    Sorry, you can’t say that “violence is Ok when it’s done by people I am affiliated with.” Little hypocrite.

    Enjoy your self-inclosed little dark closet of hate.

  33. mujahadead Says:

    I used to care when hearing that Palestinian civilians were killed by Israelis. I used to care when hearing that Lebanese civilians were killed by Israelis. But when people from your country kidnap people from another country, what did you expect? Rose-day parades? Surrender? These are not the French, they do not welcome their attackers. I find myself wondering if anyone in Palestine or Lebanon realizes that their countries have been hijacked by armed thugs, or if they even care. Perhaps they even support it. Whatever, I do not find myself grieving for these people anymore…

  34. kidinthemiddle Says:

    geez ive never seen people get so worked over a blog. but it is a touchy subject. I think the US invasion was justified in stopping a madman responsible for the genocide of many. however i do think the war may have been conducted in an improper manner. i dont know! im not a military general! and i dont know all the facts (i sure as hell admit to that) but what must be understood is that war sucks. it brings so much suffering whether it be physically or…politically into society. what people should understand is that in a major war, there is ALWAYS going to be death, there is ALWAYS going to be mistakes, but the fact is that most human beings want to help others, and shit just gets messed up. it is a sad occurence that arab and israeli cannot live beside each other. this is turning into a second cold war! it used to be west versus east, now its west versus middle east.
    both sides must understand that if one side gets pricked with the thorn, the other is going to retaliate. if the US invade, iraqis will be pissed off. If Israel invades, lebanese would be pissed off. if US or israeli or ANY person in the ‘coalition of the willing’ was kidnapped (journalists included), the coaliltion would be pissed off. shit happens.
    the US needs to get the job done not just for the iraqi people, but for herself before she goes into deeper economic crisis. and the israelis and the arabs need to stop bloody fighting.
    ask ourselves what would happen if full on war broke out between the west and the middle east? its horrible to imagine.
    khaled seems to be one of the few people here who popped ‘a lithium’ BEFORE he came on this blog. i appreciate someone who comes from both sides. LISTEN TO KHALED
    mush ma3ghool, hell hath no fury like a pissed off woman. your point is getting a bit extreme.
    natalia, disist with the sarcasm. i know you are pissed off, but people lets try and keep it to a clean debate, not have personal jibes.
    heh, u know what? im only 16! this shit shouldn’t be happenin in my world! but sadly i gotta live with it and its about time it stopped.
    i live in australia and we believe in fair go so people! put down your swords and duelling pistols and talk like responsible adults!

    god help the free world.
    PS loved mujahadead’s comment about the french. so true haha
    PPS i dont want some loony on here going off at me for what ive just said.
    PPPS its just pure luck that i came upon this so i probably wont see it again

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