toot tabat is looking good!

toot tabat worlcup blog

The toot tabat blog is looking really good! One of the things that has prompted the team to change the look so quickly is the fact that the tabat group on Flickr already has 106 members who posted a whopping 819 photos to date!!

The world cup is still in its early day and you still have the chance to contribute to tabat. So go there and register now for a tabat blogging account. (No special receiver required ;)

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3 Responses to “toot tabat is looking good!”

  1. Ahmed Says:

    Oh, you have my latest post there! Now that’s cool :-D

  2. Humeid Says:

    Hey Ahmed,

    We’re very happy that you’re posting.. keep it up!


  3. Moey Says:

    hey.. sorry my laptop had problems, ill post pics of fans in different coffee shops (my project for this wc)

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