The tallest towers of dubai (and the tallest post on my blog)

Just received this amazing diagram from a friend. I rotated it for fun. Only info about the maker of this diagram is a hotmail address and the word ‘COMMANDA’.

One thing I didn’t know was that there is a building simply called ‘Al-Burj’ (The Tower) that is even taller than Burj Dubai.

Crazy stuff.

Dubai Towers Diagram

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  1. Rami Says:

    Man, now I have a killer pain in my neck after reading this post!

  2. Mesh Mohem Says:

    things are going mad and silly in Dubai, hundreds of new buildings rise every day, but stii you will not find an eye of a needle to live in, the prices of renting is beyoned imagination, one bedroom rent reaching 16.000 yes thousands JDs a year. they claim that all is full, this is just rubish. they squeeze the hill out of us, we are left with nothing to live on. some of us live in other Emirates and drive every day 3 hours to reach work because of this nonsence. I wish they put more efforts to traffic jams instead.

  3. Aboud Says:

    It’s from the fantastic web site Al Burj is being developed by Nakheel in the Dubai Marina area. Nakheel is the rival property developer of Emaar, which is building the Burj Dubai development.

  4. Keefieboy Says:

    ‘Al Burj’ has also been referred to as ‘The Pinnacle’ and it was originally to be located on the Jumeirah Palm island, but now seems to be part of the Waterfront development. Developers Nakheel are keeping very quiet about it, but there’s no doubt this is the reason why Emaar, the developers of Burj Dubai, are not revealing the eventual height of their tower, and are claiming that height can be increased if necessary.

  5. » Blog Archive » Tallest buildings in Dubai Says:

    [...] « It’s Mark! Tallest buildings in Dubai 360East has a pretty amazing picture. This entry was posted on Friday, June 23rd, 2006 [...]

  6. james Says:

    I’d say al burj will not get built, or at least redesigned because from the design shown it looks like it’ll create a nightmare of a windtunnel. By the way, a few towers are missing since not all the towers on that website have diagrams. Ones that come to mind include the dancing towers, ocean heights, and emirates hotel.

    I don’t think the secrecy behind the burj dubai height is because of al burj. I believe it’s just a marketing gimmick (which is working) in order to keep interest in that tower.

  7. Dotan Mazor Says:

    These “Tower Wars” always fascinated me. What makes an entire country to be proud of a single building? After all, it’s just one building.

    Why not be proud of achievements in the Education area? In the Technological area? The Tourism area? I’m sure that Dubai has many more to offer than “a tall building”, and I know that in the tourism field it has some of the best attractions in the world.

    The fact that a country has the tallest building says only one thing: there is another building in the country. And that, to my humble opinion, says nothing.

    But I never built a tower, so what do I know? ;-)


  8. Slaser Says:

    I believe it’s the old “Mine’s bigger than yours” game transformed to business language with a lot of money behind. Just crazy what’s happening there!


  9. nicholas Says:

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  10. Dubai property Says:

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  11. qwertyuiop Says:

    that city is on crack, they’re building 1000 ft. sky scrapers, the world’s largest swimming pool, amusement park, indoor ski place, mall, airport, an underwater hotel, a spaceport (yeah, you heard me right) and man made islands shaped like palm trees and the countries of the word. what i want to know is…where the heck are they getting the money to build all this??!!

  12. Richard Buckton Says:

    Believe it or not, and it makes me sound old, I can remember when the Trade Centre was the tallest building in Dubai (in fact pretty much the only tower, altough I remember the Sheraton Hotel where the Emirates crew used to live being a very impressive building). Some of the crazy schemes like The World and Palm Island do make you wonder if it’s all going too far but it’s certainly an exciting place to be at the moment I imagine (my last visit was 2003 – and it rained).

  13. daniellle Says:

    These r of the most beautiful,astonishing towers ever.

  14. daniellle Says:

    I love Emirates so and i’m looking fowred to visit Emirates and see these amazing towers inshallah i will.

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