Faces Against War: pick up your camera now

Faces Against War | Ahmad | Amman | Jordan

Pick up you camera and join this global protest against the wars of the Middle East.
See/Join the Flickr group now. If you don’t want to use Flickr, just post you picture on your site or blog.

Read more about it here.

faces against war

(in memory of the mothers and children of Qana | 1996, 2006)

6 Responses to “Faces Against War: pick up your camera now”

  1. Iman Says:

    Save Lebanon
    No War

    Afterall, who wants war? How about a ‘solution as to how to achieve’ that? Perhaps a campaign calling on our governments to shut down israeli embassies in our countries? Boycott israel? You know, something a bit more effective!

  2. Sugar Cubes » baby don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me… no more Says:

    [...] No offense but this is what came to mind while I was reading about the “Faces Against War” campaign. I’m not belittling anybody’s efforts here but for God’s sake, this is not a war to start with! technically these are savage, inhumane and definitely disproportionate attacks by Israel, and Hizbollah merely tries to defend itself, tries to save what’s remaining of Arabs and Muslims dignity by retaliating. [...]

  3. lammoush Says:

    bless u

  4. tamer Says:

    ahmad… ur an inspiration of silent creativity. Tamer

  5. mohammad Says:

    Wonderful! I will absolutely do that! thanx

  6. I Says:

    how is tape on your mouth gona help dead ppl??????.........
    but the idea bihind it is great any way ppl :)

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