Mac Pro out, etc, etc.

Mac Pro

Just had to blog about this before going to bed! The Mac Pro is out, and thus the lineup of Apple hardware based on Intel processors is complete (desktops and laptops). I am a bit disappointed that Apple is not changing its case design with the Intel switch. But maybe that’s a clever thing at this point. The change in hardware is a big leap, so maybe Apple doesn’t want to overwhelm its audience with new looks. Keeping the design as is (almost) creates a feeling of continuity.

I will not repeat the tech specs of this machine as you can find them here. As I am not really in the market for a Pro grade machine (neither personally nor for the company), I can’t get too worked up about the Mac Pro.

I did not have time tonight to watch Steve Jobs’ keynote at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference. That fun I’ll keep for tomorrow. It’s been a long time since I watched one of those. I am interested in what he has to say about OS X Leopard and other Apple stuff.

I am not too excited about these hardware releases. At the office we just bought three new Intel based iMacs. They are great machines, but the Adobe software we use still does not run natively, so that’s a bummer.

The greatest thing about this Intel switch is that I can buy a computer for my kids that runs both Mac OSX and Windows (which they inevitably would NEED for school and ASK FOR for gaming). I was dreading the moment when I would be faced with ‘contaminating’ our house with a PC! :)

But what would really excite at this point is an Apple iPhone. We’ll just have to wait for that a bit more I guess.

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4 Responses to “Mac Pro out, etc, etc.”

  1. EmiratesMac Says:

    It’s a beautiful case, now they have plenty of room in there for all the drives and stuff, I see no need to change it.

  2. Mazen Says:

    I have greater concerns, but on a lighter note: I am not pleased that my replaced iMac duo-something has totally died last week. Allah yirhamo. Apple said they will give me a third one in 6 weeks!

  3. Rafi Says:

    I still remember when Apple used to bash Intel CPUs in all of its “credible” benchmarks, and once they switched to Intel; they started bashing IBM PowerPC CPUs, Ironic.

    I think Steve Jobs hopes that Apple customers has a very short memory… yeah sure, the “cheer leaders” (AKA Apple Customers) has a very very short memory that even surprised Jobs himself! :D


    MAC user: Yay! Intel CPU is the best…

    PC user: Wow! What happened? You were criticizing it few days ago, and oh! The pages that contain the bashing have just disappeared from Apple site, how nice!

    Mac user: Well, Mr. Jobs said Intel is the best so it’s like he said (Yipeeeeee)

    PC user: sigh


  4. Emirates Mac Says:

    Just wanted to spread the word that there is a version of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger localized in Arabic in the works. We have a preview.

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