A more controlled Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is one of those great things that could not have happened without the internet. But it seems that Wikipedia is about to enter a new phase of more ‘editorial control’. An article on BBC says that there is a proposal to change so of the workings of the Wikipedia.

Under the new approach, page edits will no longer be immediately applied to pages but will instead have to be approved by an administrator before they become visible. Vandalism or changes which are not approved will not appear.

This is a major shift, from a “publish and fix” policy to one of prior restraint, where a cadre of privileged users will supervise what appears.

It is still only a proposal, so it is not yet clear if the new checks would be applied to every page, but this is obviously being considered seriously by Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales, and the site’s Wikimedia Foundation.

Read more: BBC NEWS | Technology | Not as wiki as it used to be:

3 Responses to “A more controlled Wikipedia?”

  1. Reem Says:

    I think that would be a better approach.

  2. yasmin Says:

    No, I think it would destroy wikipedia as we know it.

  3. Green Data Says:

    I think this is not how Wikipedia is supposed to be. It will delay the knowledge submission progress. And also, I am not sure how can the admins know if a submitted info is true or net, and even if they know it then why don’t they add such info by themselves.
    I am with Yasmin, it would destroy wikipedia as we know it.

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