Steorn story makes Fox News

As the debate on the Steorn free energy rages on (mainly on the company’s own discussion forum), the story has not, so far made it very big on global news channels.

But Tuesday, Fox News had a live interview with Sean MacCarthy, CEO of Steorn. So the story is not dead yet.

The apparent sincerity of the company, shown in a number of interviews is now pushing the opinions of many people towards the possibility that a gross mis-measurement has lead Steorn to believe that it is creating energy out of thin air. Others are defending its claims, hoping that the promise of free energy via the manipulation of magnetic fields is true.

Yet accusations of hoaxing or of conducting a huge social experiment still persist.

I’m telling you.. This is weird stuff.

3 Responses to “Steorn story makes Fox News”

  1. Do you believe in free energy? - 360east | design, media, technology Says:

    [...] The name of the company is Steorn. The company, for sure, exists. MacCarthy is its CEO and he’s already been interviewed on ABC News, FOX news, the Guardian and other less known media outlets. The whole thing started when, last August, Steorn published a full page ad in the Economist challenging the world of science to test his company’s invention: devices, based on magnets, that can produce free, clean energy. The company want to assemble a jury of twelve respected scientists who would, independently test their technology and judge: it either works or it doesn’t. [...]

  2. Prof. Mahendra Prasad Says:

    I defined law of energy conservation differently [ my interaction -discussion with late Prof.W.B.Shockley,Nobel Laureate) and that seems to protect the Steron’s magnetic perpetual motion device as well as Energy conservation law. Though the inventer of the Energy conservation principle, H.von Helmholtz, himself deduced an equation that was contradictory this principle. My efforts to locate this equation was not successful. Helmholtz had imagined the fabrication of perpetual motion device in his life time.

  3. Steorn to show free energy device July 5th? - 360east | design, media, technology Says:

    [...] Steorn has made it onto the pages of the Guardian and attracted the attention of FOX News before. But the BBC, for example, has totally ignored the story. Someone claiming the 2nd discovery of fire is just too hot to handle for most media outlets. No one wants to look dumb if the thing turns out to be a big social experiment (or a gross measurement error). [...]

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