What? No iPhone..

iPod video, nano and shuffle

I have to say I am disappointed by Apple’s announcements today, mainly because most of them are not of use to me at the moment.

The new Nanos are cool and the new Shuffle is mind boggling small. But I already have a Nano (currently being fixed after dropping it caused the lock button to hang)

And hey.. now iTunes sells movie downloads. That’s nice for you folks who live in iTunes enabled countries. Jordan is not one of them, so even the MUSIC store is useless to us.

Movies on iTunes

The was no iPhone! I would buy an iPhone when it comes out. But you know what: A. I really need a camera in my phone and I have a feeling Apple won’t have a camera in their iPhone if and when it comes out. B. There is no iPhone just yet. So I’m not buying one now.. DUH!

Which leaves the device code named iTV..

This will enable people, when it comes out early 2007, to watch the media stored on their Mac on their TV. Not bad. Not very revolutionary, but we can probably count on Apple to get it right.

Here is what Engadget had to say about it.

Here is Engadgets coverage of the Apple “Showtime” event.

Here you can Steve Jobs deliver the presentation.

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3 Responses to “What? No iPhone..”

  1. omar Says:

    Hi Ahmad, we missed you today in the meeting!

    the new Nanos look so Mini! Hmmm,
    It’s exciting to see new apple products,
    but what’s with the all the metalic bodies?

    Shuffle looks silly,
    I had a total different new shuffle in my head!


  2. Moey Says:

    dude, get a sony ericsson k800i with the mac os x theme, it’s pretty nice.. the phone has 3.2 mp camera, and i love it

  3. Magnus Says:

    I was a little disappointed too, but not much. I whish they would have done more to update the iPods. Sure the shuffle is amazing, the nanos are nice, and more storage space is always welcome, but the iPods didn’t change much other than that.

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