iPhone: one can wish!

imaginary iPhone

Apple did not announce an iPhone yesterday. But we can dream, can’t we. The ‘iPhone’ above is one of several imaginary iPhone and iPod renditions created by enthusiast recently and compiled by CNET.

I find it quite unlikely that Apple will come out with a phone with full keyboard, although, personally, would welcome that.

My current Nokia 6600 was a promising phone when I got it nearly two years ago. I was promising myself to check email and sync my calendar on it. I also was excited about the fact that I could use it its web browser.

What REALLY happened is the following:

  • The phone was is being used mostly for talking and SMS.
  • The 640×480 low quality camera ended up being used quite a lot.
  • I use it as an alarm clock and to light up a dark staircase or garage.
  • I almost NEVER use the calendar because: a. it’s too hard to navigate and enter data without a proper keyboard and b. because there were syncing problems with the mac (sometimes)
  • I sometimes use the web browser, but the best thing about the phone’s internet connectivity and Bluetooth capability was that I could browse the net on my laptop when I am in hotels with expensive net charges (or when I am in the middle of the desert).
  • I played around with getting my email on the phone but it was a failure because a. I get too much spam. b. lack of keyboard.
Thus it would be cool if Apple’s rumored phone could have all the ‘good’ stuff of my Nokia (this mean that it should have a camera!) as well as a good keyboard (like the BlackBerry), WiFi, and the ability to run Skype! And it should also replace my iPod.

Design and usability experts are always quick to point out that such multifunction devices end up failing because of their attempt to cam too much into one thing. I think that the chance of Apple releasing a smartphone/pda/ipod/camera combo is almost zero.

Oh well. I’ll just use the 6600 for now.

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5 Responses to “iPhone: one can wish!”

  1. Nimer Says:

    have a look at the Sony Ericsson P990i, – perhaps by end of year I’d reckon you’d be able to run all the above on it….


    As for the iphone, rumour has it to be released next spring 2007, alternatively, my own outlook, that to invest into iphone wouldn’t be wise before summer 2008. (approx 18months after release of their first product.) They’d need to sort out their hardware/software issues….

  2. Hussein Says:

    i own an i-mate device with windows mobile OS, ok lets face it, the os is ugly even on the computer.. but it still operating good.. so i can manage my files, sms, mails, contacts, view my excel sheets, pdf docs, listen to my fav music, using wi-fi feature, sync with my mac, record and view videos, arabic support and calculator!!:)

    so, a bundle of cool apps and nice features.. with a staple OS.. thats what i’m expecting from the iPhone..

    about released or not.. i liked what its been wrote here: http://www.cellphone9.com/no-iphone-for-you-pooh/

  3. ellie Says:

    i like the look of the iphone but i cant see the pice anywhere (unless i am being thick) so can someone tell me the price please

  4. Michelle Says:

    iPhone does exist, go here


    It’s great but does not look like the one before, it looks much better and is touch screen, anyway go on that site and it will tell you everything you need to know

  5. jack frost Says:

    That is really gay idea of the iphone or the new ipod, whatever you want to call it.

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