Time servers giving wrong time for Jordan?

Wrong Apple Time for Amman

I use Apple’s time server at time.euro.apple.com to set the time of my Mac. The other day I noticed that the clock on my machine is running an hour too early. All Apple’s time servers are giving the wrong time for Amman, Jordan. I think this might have to do with the fact that we are still on Summer time. Around this time last year we had already normal time.
It’s 12:19 as I write this but as you can see my computer clock is 11:19.

My colleague Jad, who uses ubuntu Linux has the same problem. I don’t know which time server he was using. The wrong clock caused him to miss two meetings a few days ago.

Are people on Windows also affected. This sucks.. It’s also causing problems with my blogging software, which is posting articles one hour into the future causing them not to appear online immediately, if I set my machine’s time manually.

Does anyone out there know how we can get this fixed?

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6 Responses to “Time servers giving wrong time for Jordan?”

  1. Moey Says:

    yeah.. the country should’ve flipped the clock one hour back as daylight savings not to postpone it till eid

  2. manal y Says:

    i use windows and it happened with me too 2 days ago , the clock was pointing to an hour earlier, i thought at first someone had might change it but the next morning it was changed back to an hour earlier,which i found was wierd but never thought it’s happening all over.
    but now it’s not changing.

  3. Karim Says:

    you might need to turn off synchronization of time with servers… this will mean you will have full control on your local time… but might not have the right time in other time zones… but who cares… they got amman wrong anyway!

    yes faced the same problem earlier last week…

  4. Humeid Says:

    I sent an email to apple about this.. let’s see what happens.

  5. manal y Says:

    good morning, it turned out that my PC clock is still going back one hour late, did u find the solution to this problem, i need help.

  6. Zach Says:

    All of the windows systems on the domain I run in Amman also kept trying to revert daylight savings time to being off. It was really annoying for syncro’s with the server; I needed to write a script that manually forces all the client machines to turn DST on.

    Your post is the first I’ve read on it; before I just assumed it was something messed up with these old machines (I’ve only been in Amman for 2 months for work) but now – it looks like something much more systemic.

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