Music to your mood, dad!

MEDIA | Move over Britney, the oldies are back. Ahmad Humeid listens in on the newest Jordanian radio offering.

If you’ve been wondering what those billboards showing the portraits of a bunch of old pop stars are for, just turn your radio dial to 92 FM and you’ll know the answer.

I asked myself the same question when a record sleeve landed on my desk last week with the faces of John Lennon, Madonna, Elvis, Santana, Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Bob Marley and Elton John printed on one side and a 50s-style retro chrome logo on the other.

“Maybe I’ve woken up in the wrong century,” I said to myself as I was pulling out a disc from the sleeve that first seemed to be a vinyl record, but then turned out to be a clever promotional gimmick for Mood FM, the newest private Radio station to hit our airwaves.

As soon I was in the car driving home that evening I tuned my radio to 92 FM and there it was. It only took me ten minutes to figure out what the people behind this new radio station are on to: of the eight stars depicted on the record sleeve, three are dead and the youngest (Madonna) is 46 years old. Now, listen to a few songs on Mood FM and there’s only one conclusion: “Oldies!”. And you know what? I think the concept will work.

Move over Britney. Out of the way Sean Paul and get out of here Eminem. You guys aren’t part of the mood of Amman’s thirty to forty-something, affluent, westernised demographic. I am guessing that this is who Mood FM is targeting: West Amman’s new to not-so-new mummies and daddies driving to and from work. And why not. These people grew up with Radio Jordan before it was invaded by Arabic (and Turkish) pop, in the days before the staff was totally Jordanized. It’s those people who have money to spend, unlike those new teenagers who spend all their money on Nokia 6600s and SMS chatting and who listen to 50 Cents.

What you’ll get on Mood FM is mainstream, easy listening, pop hits from the 50s till the 80s, played back to back 24/7 without the intervention (till now, at least) of DJs. My wife and I had a good laugh in the car the other day singing along a really cheesy hit that we both hate but know the complete lyrics for! If that isn’t entertainment, I don’t know what is. And when I’m sick of hearing all the bad news on the BBC, Mood FM is good Nancy-Ajram free zone to escape to. From time to time, a good U2 or Police song comes along. I really can’t complain.

It’s interesting to watch the new Jordanian radio landscape unfolding. The new entrants like Mood FM (other will follow soon) seem to be playing it safe. In theory, a station like Mood FM, that broadcasts only in Amman, needs nothing more than a PC with an additional broadcasting box, a transmission antenna and a huge library of MP3’s. And as more stations join the game, specialization is starting to emerge.

Legal roadblocks have prevented a radio (and TV) broadcasting industry to develop in Jordan over the past decades. That is definitely changing. A new media market is being created and competition will hopefully be good for the consumer.

If I do have a complaint about Mood FM then it’s about their slogan ‘music to your mood’. If I really want music to my mood, then I’ll get an iPod MP3 player, load it up with my kind of music and connect it to my car radio. In fact Apple and BMW have just announced an alliance to integrate the iPod into the new BMW models as an option. So, my personal slogan for Mood FM is: “Music that reminds me of my receding hairline’!

28 Responses to “Music to your mood, dad!”

  1. Saqf Says:

    I must say, my slogan would be “Music you thought you’ll never hear again!” Especially on your local radio!

    What a nice radio channel it is. Though it makes me feel old, for I do remember most of the tunes, and as you said, you would sing along a song you hated back then, but would still make you feel good! :)

    It surely digs up some deep profond memories, that our other stations fail to dig! The good thing is that they have songs besides “Careless Whisper” and “Dancing Queen”. Since I have the luxery of working at home, which gives me the chance to listen to music all the time without the need of putting on a head-set like what my ex-boss used to ask me to do ;) , I find it hard to switch to other channels or even listen to my perosnal files, especially when I’m in the mood for MOOD FM! I always feel that I may miss a good oldie that I don’t have and would want to hear again!

    I think media in Jordan has been thriving like never before! I honestly lost count of all the local english magazines! For example, I just learned today about TWO new local magazines, which I forgot their names!

    So, we should be expecting more radio stations to come.

  2. Ahmad Humeid Says:

    As I said.. The concept will probably work. YOU seem to like it :)

    I am personally not a big supporter of the oldies concept. When I was younger I absolutely HATED Radio Jordan for playing oldies! Mood’s selection is better than RJ’s oldies.

    What bothers me in the thirty or forty something generation, to which most of my friends now belong, is that their musical taste development stopped at a certain age. They now nostalgically look back in time to the “good old days”. They don’t “get” the new music. They usually have “something against” newer trends in pop, like rap or hip hop, etc.

    Of course, I too fee a degree of nostalgia when hearing New Order’s True Faith. But I am happy to report that I also have an interest in newer acts.

    A funny thing happened last year when I introduced my wife to Coldplay. She like the music but was taken aback when she knew the ages of the band members. “What.. These are kids!” It almost sounded that she refuses to listen to bands who’s members are younger than here (Coldplay are now amongst her favourites I am glad to say).

    Anyway, I certainly listen much less music than I used to 10 years ago. MP3s on my HD include Coldplay, Nirvana, U2, Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, Venus Hum (heard of them?), German and English children songs (for my kids), Outlandish (2 songs, out of curiosity), Tezianno Ferro (just for fun), etc..

    A good mix of old and new..

    Oh yes.. And the only 2 CD I brought back from Germany recently was Nigel Kennedy and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra playing Vivaldi and Rabih Abou-Khalil’s new CD Mortons Foot.


  3. Nada Abandah Says:

    Hey all,

    I was actually searching for Mood’s website hoping I will be able to listen to it during work and I came across this website. I am so surprised to know about it :) very nice Ahmad, and informative. Not to mention that some old names keep popping up here and there :)

    Although my work is very close to my work, I sometimes intentionally take a very long route just to be able to finish listening to a song they’re playing, and sometimes get hocked with another one :) the other day I arrived 45 minutes late :p

    Let me know if you have their web address ;)

  4. eyal Says:

    i spent this august in the jordan valley as a israeli military surgeon. when my citroen xara and i were flying down from jerusalem to jericho..nothing was on the scale except what my scanner found—92fm-”mood fm”
    from this moment on the love story begun. every day from dawn till dusk i was singing, enjoying, and looking up east to jordan with admiration. there is nothing like it in israel.yesterday…on the way to tel aviv…i was sad when it sounds faded past jerusalem. i thought to myself—how funny it is that we all were singing together…keep on being one of my most favorable nations! DR. EYAL, SURGEON

  5. nasimjo Says:

    just awesome dude …. all what U say is true.
    b4 I start … just wanna tell U that Im a Co-operator with radio Jordan FM …. ((96.3 in amman,90.9 in the north & 99.7 in aqaba))

    our station offers the most various selection of music,not only in jordan,but in the region even
    from GOLDIES to modern House,dance music & RAP stuff ,up to all kinds of Rock & alternative music.
    a negative side is that we (unfortunately) hv some Djs that R (honestly speaking) JUNK..even Im against those (despite the fact that they R few) but Im against them being on air….. but … since they also Hv audiance (some ppl love there stuff aparently)

    ehhhh,,,I guess that this Variaty of Radio Stations in jordan is simply Good 4 no body else but LISTINERS. its even the way it must go aint it.

    keep on Tuned guys;)

    PS:maybe the most thing that I hate on Jordan Fm is indeed the turkish & greek stuff played around sometimes….grrrrr…. thank God we reached in the station to an agreement to limit them on the air…but seems FANN FM is taking this turkish fever instead of us :P

    ROCK ON!

  6. layan Says:

    oh joy. everything was going fine till i read up to the 4th comment.Does Mr. Humeid read the comments that r posted? do u have any reservations whatsoever on people who post their comments or on what they say? u shouldnt i know,but personnally i dont want to be part of one of the most favorable nations to an israeli surgeon. israeli military surgeon! i wont say any nonsense about me not being fanatic,but if it was an israeli citizen maybe it wouldnt have been that much shocking. Mr. Humeid i usually enjoy reading ur articles and i really wouldnt have wanted to spoil the “mood” of this one nor that of its comments or its readers,but mine has just been ruined.

  7. MM Says:

    i totally agree with layan

  8. Mazen Says:

    anybody home? did you find mood fm website? not yet? :S
    kind regards.

  9. Ali kayyali Says:

    am happy and proud that kind and perfect radio we have in amman but how can i listen to mood or beat fm thru internet? plz anyone help me

  10. Jihan Says:

    I don’t only love the music you Mood FM plays.. but I also have memorized the Mood FM slogan songs :) .. You play very good music, songs that i thought i would never hear on the radio again!! but there they pop up to make my day a better one. and to tell you the truth, I have been shocked to hear the songs of JOEY TEMPEST as a solo singer.. i have been looking for his album “A place to call home” all over jordan 9even music box don’t have it… but there I heard “elsewhere” on Mood FM.. Please keep on playing those songs..

    Thanks alot for the time you take to take us back in time.


  11. Mohammad Says:

    There is nothing wrong with what Surgeon Eyal says… this is a web page open to every one from any nation to leave a comment.

    And on the contrary, what he is doing is praising mood fm and there is nothing better that can be said.

    Please try not to be strict.. we are in the 21st century!!

  12. Andy Says:

    Hello Jihan, Joey Tempest is available whenever you want it. Glad to know that someone knows this song “Elswhere”.


  13. Pedro Says:

    Still searching the net for Mood’s website and/or online connection.


  14. fatima Says:

    nothing can full your time with enjoyable like mood FM
    sweet time
    sweet dream
    rely sweet song
    mood FM make the sad away
    make the happy come to me

  15. NEO Says:

    Mood Fm is a Great Idea but…

    I think the DeeJays or the poeple behind the songs being played are not proffisionals, they shoudl study catering of songs.

    If that hapened the right way this staion will rock.

    Wish you the best.

    PS:this is the first time i come across this site and I have feeling it is a good one

  16. Sarah - Amman Says:

    I have also been looking for Mood FMs website to listen to during work. It seems they don’t have one, and I really encourage them to work on this as it leaves consumers with only two local choices – Radio Jordan and Play… and sorry to say, my days with Radio Jordan are over! A website would also let us know their program schedules and when to tune in for an airing of ‘Kylie live’ or something!

    I think it’s very important for these stations to realise that it isnt enough to play music that fits the genre they’ve chosen to go along with – i.e. ‘oldies’ ‘hits’ ‘rock’ etc… A lot more effort needs to be made in order to deliver that music in the most appealing way possible. For example, it may be an oldie, but I don’t enjoy listening to Abba one moment and Queen the next… There’s got to be some sort of rhythmic flow :)

    Regarding our Israeli neighbour tuning into Mood… I don’t think we can stop anyone from participating in this forum and I don’t think we should. I have strong political and humanitarian opinions about the state of Israel and its supporters. Many Israelis are still very much in the dark regarding their neighbours and the occupied palestinians. I’m glad that the Internet can provide their citizens with a chance to view and interact with Arabs in ways that their state does not encourage so that they can learn about the realities of this region from sources besides the state of Israeli’s media.

  17. Adnan Says:

    I am glad someone else likes Coldplay in Amman! I personally listen to “The Scientist” 5 times a day at least

    Go Layan..

  18. info Says:

    mood fm website is

  19. Nadim Attieh Says:

    For all of you who are fed up of repeating the same mp3s at work. Here’s you new source of entertainment:

  20. Abood-kCuF Says:

    Yooooooo everybody
    if you really wanted the real entertainment u should have went to GBOB today….it was nice
    any way u wont miss anything as long as am here….
    visit, then go to radio, then radio jordan
    have fun …..

  21. mohammed zakaria Says:

    Thank you info for listing the web site. I have been a big fan for Mood since it’s start two years ago.

    It might surprise you how humble is the level of FM stations here in Omaha – USA compared to FM stations here in Jordan.

  22. Eman Says:

    I was wondering if any of you ladies and gentelmen has a fav DJ on mood fm! I mean there are 6 DJ’s : Slash, R.K, Eman, Aws, Chris, Elvis, Harley. Btw you can e-mail your fav DJ by using Mood’s Website, you can also suggest those songs you’d like to listen to by asking the DJ’s!

  23. Eman Says:

    Oh! and btw, i’d like to ask Neo a question, what do you know about being a dj? i believe that a fine radio station like Mood FM wouldn’t select its Dj’s just like that, randomly! Identify the word PROFESSIONALS in this case? i KNOW that most of them are Musicians! They know exactly what they’re doing, playing the most suitable songs during the day! They are Super professionals i believe

  24. dr.khaler Says:

    thanxs alot for this page where people can interact.the mood fm website is .www.mood.fmand the beat one is

  25. kimi_ki_ki Says:

    Hi there… Who is the Dj here, or is there is any dj’s here??? ...

  26. Peri Menopause Says:

    Mood Fm still going on? DJ’s needed I suppose.
    Peri Menapause

  27. Geoff Bradley Says:

    I’ve just been reading all the comments about Mood. It’s a station I found a couple of months ago and I really like it. They’ve just got a new web site and the music is fantastic. They do have a DJ - he’s on in the afternoons and is called JP and he’s very professional.

    I’m 45 and love the mix of music.


  28. raindrop Says:

    after few years from reading this post, I must say that did and still doing a great job :-)

    their website campign “pixel this” was very creative idea in my opinion.
    I am happy they’re still keeping the same successful performance.

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