RUMOR: Toot in secret negotiations to acquire iBaloo6

The newly announced iBaloo6 is rumored to be holding secret negotiations with the Toot Corporation. The rumors come after the Toot Corporation has threatened the squirrels with legal action for patent infringement.

Sources close to the negotiations expect a deal between Toot and iBaloo6 in the next 24-48 hours ;)

The sources added: “expect some surprises soon”.

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11 Responses to “RUMOR: Toot in secret negotiations to acquire iBaloo6”

  1. Moey Says:

    we want 1.65$ bilion.. youtube mesh a7san menna

  2. Humeid Says:

    Not so hasty man! Let’s leave things take the course in the coming few days :)

  3. Moey Says:

    hahaha yeah, why not :) sure thing

  4. Memories documented enters bid[..] Says:

    Memories documented enters talks with iBloo6 to acquire them to block a similar action by iToot
    The company (in pre IPO) is valued at 35 piasters but due to DotCom bubble V2.0 the final talks are nearing 2.6 Billion Banana dollars[...]

  5. The squirrels and the toots… « Chronicles Of A Utopian Writer Says:

    [...]             “They’re negotiating a deal…” One of the neighboring strawberries declared. [...]

  6. mala2e6 Says:



    tab 10 leerat w babaee3ak 7esty

    bamza7 bamza7

    bass 5

  7. Mohammad Says:


    TRC to block Toot and iBaloo6 for security reason.

  8. Amino Says:

    Mala2e6.. sho heyeh sarat sherkeh mosahemeh 3ameh, ma 7ada ybee3… :P

  9. Abed. Hamdan Says:

    خلص أعطوني خمس ليرات وانا بحلها بقعدة منسف..

    منيح ؟

  10. Jad’s thoughts » Quoting Baba berry Says:

    [...] Quoting Baba berry Baba Berry – The sources added: expect some surprises soon. [...]

  11. mala2e6 Says:


    ana bass ba3teehom fekra inno fee corruption w inno they can use me w ba3dain batla3 ana ba6alet il film w basselmkom kol il awra2 w bo2bodo 3ala ma7mood il miliji w be2ool nashnet ya fale7?

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