Suddenly, Amman got washed!

Amman Rain, 15 October 2006 on Vimeo

First big rain in Amman this season. Last year the first big rain was on Oct 19.

Another year has passed, amazingly.

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6 Responses to “Suddenly, Amman got washed!”

  1. Moey Says:

    Vimeo, very nice.. I registered.. btw, the rain caused at least 6 accidents on the way to as-salt today and a bus was about to flip.

  2. Nas Says:


  3. manal y Says:

    now hopefully we will have tons of snow :D

  4. Hussein Says:

    nice capture Ahmad.. what camera u used??

  5. Zaidoun Says:

    This is my first submission here, but i really missed the first heavy rain in Jordan. i was in Australia for a business trip, but i enjoyed viewing the rain on your blog

    by the way, i’m really impressed by your blog

  6. Here comes the rain again.. - 360east | design, media, technology Says:

    [...] After an evening of lightning and thunder, it started raining as I was driving home. So the first rain came pretty punctually on October 17th. Last year it came on October 15th. Planet Earth is a pretty accurate machine, considering its size. [...]

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