Say FAREWELL to ugly yellow and black sidewalks!

Yellow and back Jordanian curbstones


Since early age I used to hate the yellow and black curbstones of Jordanian sidewalks. Some years ago I joked about starting the “National Front for Getting Rid of Yellow and Black Painted Sidewalks” :)

The picture above, which I took today while crossing a street in Khalda says it all. Look at how the neat the paint has been applied. In Arabic this is called “Takhbees” (extreme for of haphazardness and sloppiness).

I am glad to report here that I will not head to the Ministry of Interior to register my National Front :) , because: AMMAN IS GETING RID OF THE DAMN YELLOW/BLACK PRACTICE.. Yippee.

360east reader Saad Darwazeh just left me a comment about on yesterday’s billboard post:

Another ‘good’ thing I noticed the last few days, they are re-painting the sides of the streets with simple grey instead of that grotesque yellow/black tiger stripes we had before. You can tell the difference immediately. How the hell did they come up with yellow/black design? The very ugly, army-like design makes the streets look smaller…

The yellow and black thing was supposed to make the sides of the road clearer. Notice that a yellow strip on the road itself now performs this safety function on some of Amman’s roads.

This is something small and decorative. But it will make Amman’s streets look much better.

6 Responses to “Say FAREWELL to ugly yellow and black sidewalks!”

  1. 3adi Says:

    well i don’t think it will happen anytime soon, maybe you should wait a few years? :p

  2. Hussein Says:

    but the gray isn’t the perfect solution.. if they leave it with natural look of the rock it will be better, or they painted with Black.. this is my personal suggestion!!

  3. Nas Says:

    i like the yellow and black…makes amman look like a big honey bee

  4. Firas Says:

    This is actually what defines Amman : Yelloow and black curbs

  5. kinzi Says:

    Please someone tell me WHY we have to have painted sidewalks but not white lines to help people drive in order? Why paint sidewalks at all?

    This is a pet peeve of mine too, especially when I think of how many poor people could be fed for the cost of that paint.

  6. Hania Maraqa Says:

    I think the yellow-black fashion is a safety precaution for our speeding drivers, neglecting the beauty of the city. I hope that they grey thing is real. An engineer at GAM did not know about it and said that this is the base coat only. I hope not

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