This is not a Smart!

China electric Smart car copy

China Smart Dashboard
It looks like a Smart. But it’s not.

This, apparently is a made-in-China Smart copy!! The big surprises: It’s electric and probably 1/2 or 1/3 the price of the real thing. The Smart was supposed to be an electric or hybrid car too. But when Swatch left the project and Daimler took over completely the electric version was axed.

Smart is still loosing money. Maybe they should simply sell the company to China.

Here is China Smart for sale on an Ebay auction.

5 Responses to “This is not a Smart!”

  1. Hussein Says:

    what a disaster going with German companies! before siemens, and now smart, then tomorrow! who knows.. maybe we will see BMW assembled in china, parts from hong kong

    nice concept of smart

  2. Schoenerleben Says:

    I think it’s not a problem concerning Germany only, but all high industrial societies.
    Especially with China, these economies have problems as intellectual property is not respected at all.
    It just seems as the dices are being rolled again; hopefully the wealth will be more spread as it is currently.

  3. maro Says:

    Well we all trust German products yet the Chinese are smart people. They cease every opportunity they find. For instance look at siemens mobile division. Siemens was a market leader 3 years ago. I recall having an S35 Siemens that lasted for 2 years living the hell of me abusing it all the time in college. Yet what they failed to realize is QUALITY They tried to issue new versions of Siemens with high quality hardware and lost focus of the issues in their software. I believe the bad software they used to install caused them to lose the market share and eventually run out of the market.
    What I’m trying to say here is German products will always be elite if they dont do stupid mistakes like poor Siemens.

  4. Robert Says:

    This is smart, if not a Smart.
    The Smart SHOULD have been a cheap car, just like the Austin Mini was when it was introduced in 1959 – a car for the price of a motorcycle.
    If China can produce that, then good luck to them.
    India are starting to produce a car for 1200 GBP, I’d love to buy one!

  5. James Trevor Says:

    I would absolutely dissuade anyone from even thinking about buying this car. Sure, it’s cheap and it has the LOOKS that a Smart has. But it’s still a cheap Chinese knockoff. That means no specially designed safety cage, no special crash resistance. You hit a wall in a real Smart, and the car will bounce off with the occupants intact (as shown by several 70MPH crash videos on YouTube). But crash THIS thing and there’s no way you’ll survive.
    This is why Chinese ripoff cars can BE cheap- they cut corners on safety BIG TIME. You won’t think the few grand you save on the car will be worth it when you cut your legs off from a slow-speed 30MPH crash.

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