Ending my self-imposed blogging hiatus

Once Ramadan was over, I decided that it’s time for my own “blogging Ramadan” which meant abstaining from writing for a while. So the long Eid holiday was not only free of work but also free from blogging.

I hope that those of you who celebrated Eid, had a good one.

I think I have achieved a record in something. This Eid I only had one piece of Ma’moul. How about that?

I also did not buy a plastic laser gun (can you relate to that?)

The week-long Eid holiday in Jordan was a chance to handle lots of family stuff and I really got immersed in that. Today was the third day back at the office after the holiday. It’s only yesterday that I realized that people in Dubai, Kuwait and elsewhere actually where back at work after a 2 or 3 day holiday. Just shows you how much I got sucked into holiday mode.

But.. The show must go on..

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3 Responses to “Ending my self-imposed blogging hiatus”

  1. Khalidah Says:

    Welcome Back Ahmad and happy Eid to you too

    I too had only one ma’moul :D
    Doesn’t that feel great??

    Please write some more … many things were going on in our community and in the blogosphere and I always wondered .. hmmmm what would Ahmad have to say about that?

    so, I am waiting for some more posts on this space :)

  2. Chivas Says:

    about bloody effing time!

  3. Oula Farawati Says:

    i actually was worried abt u… happy eid! but u have committed the biggest sin, ma3mouleh wa7deh is never enough! I myself had over 100, and i enjoyed them all!

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