Survey: Are Arabs ‘Pyjama People’?

A German friend of mine who has been observing Arab culture for over 35 years made the following observation this morning: Arabs have a special relationship with their pyjamas.

Germans, she says, only wear their pyjamas in bed. For them, a pyjama is for sleeping.

Arabs, she claims, seem to like to wear their pyjamas whenever they can, until they actually leave home.

So what’s the truth? Let’s use the power of internet polling to find out. Please vote according to you ethnic profile :)

FOR ARABS ONLY: Do you wear your pyjamas during the day?
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FOR NON-ARABS ONLY: Do you wear your pyjamas during the day?
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8 Responses to “Survey: Are Arabs ‘Pyjama People’?”

  1. kinzi Says:

    Very funny! Just driving by the mosque I saw a sleepy looking man whose white and blue striped pajama bottoms peaked out from underneath his dishdash.

  2. Opairah Says:

    for payjama, I think it’s to be free as I can more than standard wear.

  3. manal y Says:

    pyjamas are cool and colorfull, who can not love them n stay most the day wearing them, but u have to have a cool P.J.

  4. Batir Wardam Says:

    My only relation with Pyjamas is that when I wear them it means I am not going to surrender to the request from my wife to go out. When I wear my pyjama I declare that I will stay in the house since taking off the pyjamas to wear a suit or going out clothes is a taunting task!

  5. Very Comfortable Says:

    I have two pyjamas. One is for actual sleeping and one is for wearing anytime I am at home.

  6. Atallah Says:

    What’s a Pyjama?
    I think you should add a fourth option to your poll that says: I don’t have one.

  7. Rached Says:

    I totally agree with Atallah, I don’t remember owning a Pyjama ever since I was 10 years old, I was looking for that 4th option myself.

  8. The Mac’s spy eye! - 360east | design, media, technology Says:

    [...] The built in camera on MacBooks is staring to cause some trouble for people How do you know that little camera on your laptop is not sending pictures of you in you pyjama (or worse) to the net for everyone (or someone) to see! [...]

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