Out of the 13 ‘enemies of the internet’ countries, four are Arab


BBC NEWS | Technology | ‘Enemies of the internet’ named:

A list of 13 “enemies of the internet” has been released by human rights group Reporters Without Borders (RSF). For the first time, Egypt has been added to the list while Nepal, Libya and the Maldives have all been removed.
North Korea
Saudi Arabia


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6 Responses to “Out of the 13 ‘enemies of the internet’ countries, four are Arab”

  1. Moey Says:

    correct list i can say

  2. Phree Says:

    iza waggafat 3al internet baseeta…

  3. Francesco Says:

    Add to this list :

    14 – Italy

    1) IP Filter and DNS modified entry for over 3000+ Sites that are not accessible by Italian people. (And ITS ILLEGAL against the law of EU!)
    2) Monopoly of the Telecomunication (Telecom Italia have over 98% of telephone line and over 86% of broadband line installed in Italy and the most expensive fee in ALL EUROPE!)
    3) Interceptions not authorized of Phone and Broadband line by SISDE and SISMI (the Italian secret service) (yes we have 2 secret service in Italy don’t ask me why!) Not only for politics, soccer players, and Italian tv star but also for normal people.
    4) Massive P2P filter on a lot of ISP! (That not allow use of Emule or BitTorrent!)
    5) If you own an Internet Cafè you must log all the traffic in/out for almost 5 year!

    Fortunately 360east is still available.

    (But i have to be carefully it’s a Jordan site, and Jordan is in Middle East!)

    P.S. Try to google “RSF CIA”.

  4. Samer Kurdi Says:

    What is an enemy of the internet? How does a country become one?

  5. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    i dont understand, egypt?? what have they done to deserve this?
    anyway, four arab countries, 3ogbal el 21, barkee arabs will FINALLY agree on something!

  6. ma7joob Says:

    i dont agree with that

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