Know of any new free wifi hotspot in Amman/Jordan?

You know how much I love wifi (especially free wifi :)

Actually, my list of wifi services in Amman (and the rest of Jordan) is apparently accessed by many people when they search for wifi hotspots in the country.

That list has gotten a bit old.. So if you know of any new wifi services (especially if they are FREE), then let the rest of us know and leave a comment here..

Help us internet addicts out :)

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12 Responses to “Know of any new free wifi hotspot in Amman/Jordan?”

  1. 3aBBaS Says:

    a3deh cafe, ziqaq al madaq, tche tche

  2. Moey Says:

    GraphiClub Sweifieh – Free
    Spot Cafe, as-salt in front of Amman Al-Ahliyyeh University – Free
    Starbucks As-salt – Paid
    Burger King – Jordan University Branch – Free

  3. Firas Says:

    Ahmad I was going to post about this tomorrow, wow.

    Anyway here it’s, I hope someone would test the places mentioned:

    1. BurgerKings (pass: jbatelco, user: jbatelco)
    2. Apple Bees
    3. Donuts Factory
    4. Abd Hameed Shouman Cultural Center (Stable and fast connection, gets bad in Basment floor)
    5. Power Hut
    6. Books@Cafe (Be warned will get a virus right away!)

    (Not tested)
    7. Amman Arab University (Batelco)
    8. Isra University (Batelco)
    9. UN University (Batelco)
    10. Depaul University (Batelco)
    11. Whispers restaurant (Batelco)
    12.Wild Jordan (Batelco)
    13.First Gym (Batelco)
    14. Living Room (Sama)
    15. Romero (Sama)
    16. Donner Cafe (Sama)
    17.Villa Cafe (Sama)
    18.Lady Cafe (Sama)
    19. Action Target (Sama)

    I’ll be checking more places when I have time to

  4. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Music to my ears :)
    I’m just so glad wifi fever is finally in Amman! god .. it took forever! But Alhamdulillah … it’s there now.. so no complaint from me

  5. electro Says:

    also the fifth circle, the bus stop infront of the Four Seasons hotel (the signal source most probably) and it didn’t require any credentials.

  6. nasimjo Says:

    solution, connect to any home network called linksys and start roaming with ur car in amman, it’ll keep changing the networks with this name as if you’re connected to a mobile network :)
    a major problem that u might face is that the request IP period might take longer than the speed of ur car getting in and out of the access-point’s transmission.

  7. Hamam Tahat Says:

    ahmad i heard from a friend that the RSS- the Royal Scientific Society in amman has a free wifi ….. Haloolaa for the wifi fever in all jordan.

  8. Humeid Says:

    Wawaweewa.. this is great stuff people. Thankis..

  9. haifarox Says:

    this will be great when I go to amman… shoookran kteer =]

  10. Firas Says:

    UofJ main library

    Just ask the annoying guy at the corner on GF about the proxy settings

  11. ghaleb Says:

    umm there is these places as well:

    all in abdoun

    1) salad house (italian rest.) near fitness first

    2) zee diner

    3) noodasia at abdoun circle

    4) luganos

    5) creama creme

  12. jj1 Says:

    Check here for listings of places with free public wifi in Jordan (and the rest of the world) Here are a few of the places I know of

    • •8th Circle, prefered above the bridge, source = Ministry of IT & Telecom
    • •4th Circle signal source = Prime Ministry
    • ME-NetComs Office, Sweiss building, Rainbow Street
    • Whispers Resturant, 5th circle
    • Z-Diner Mecca Mall

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